Inspiring reading through e-readers

Reading is more than just books! Let's read with e-readers!

Inspiring reading through e-readers
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Number of students that will benefit: 203

Age of students: 4-11

Percentage eligible for free school meals: 35.2%*

in the past six years


We are an average sized one-form entry primary school in Preston, Lancashire. We are in an area of low social economic deprivation and have children on roll from mixed ethnicities. Our ethos is to provide our children with quality learning experiences enriched in a nurturing environment that values the whole child. Everything we do is centred around our nine school values: pride, honesty, respect, tolerance, determination, courage, empathy, respect and resilience.

What do you want?

We would like to purchase e-reader tablets.

We would like 2 per class (14 e-readers) but if we didn't achieve all the funding, we would work the project with 1 per class (7 e-readers).

Who is this for?

There would be 2 tablets in each class so they would benefit all children across school.

They would also be used for intervention groups, supporting up to 8 children at a time with need-specific interventions.

Why do you want it?

The e-readers will be used to inspire children's love of reading which will have a positive impact on reading attainment throughout school.

They will enable the children to access reading in a completely new learning style to that of the traditional method through books. It will help children who find reading difficult, engage with reading in a more exciting method and access a greater variety of texts.

Reading is a current development focus in school and across Lancashire, so the e-readers will support the actions already in place to improve our children's achievements in reading, both with progress and attainment.

Reading is a life skill that develops the mind and teaches children language skills. It is the foundation to all other learning.

We are not suggesting that e-readers replace traditional books and other reading teaching methods as we absolutely recognise this should not be the case. However, there are many advantages of introducing e-readers, particularly for reluctant readers. We aim for our project to have similar impacts to those found by the study completed by The National Literacy Trust.

The National Literacy Trust’s study into e-readers showed positive impacts on children’s reading attitudes, attainment and children’s behaviour. The study showed an improvement in children’s reading ability, particularly in boys with the average reading level increasing by over eight months, and girls increasing by seven months by the end of the four month study. Children also developed a much more positive attitude to reading by using an e-reader rather than a book. Children at the end of the study were also more enthusiastic about reading on paper too, showing a real passion for reading overall.

Some children find reading in printed books difficult because the size or type of font is too difficult. With an e-reader you have the ability to change the font and size making it easier to read, this could have a particular benefit for children with special educational needs. This will make a huge difference for some children in our school with special educational needs.

The study also found that children viewed reading as more ‘cool’ on an e-reader other than a book, making digital reading a more appealing option and giving them more enjoyment from reading. This led to a positive impact on their reading attainment as they were more excited to read and had more positive attitudes about reading.

Our project is not about replacing books but about offering our children more choice in terms of the formats available to them for reading, particularly focussing on our reluctant readers and special education needs children, with the aim to improve reading attainment.


We would like to buy:

12 x Kindle Fire 8 Kids Edition Tablet 8" Display 32GB with kid proof case @ £129.99 each

Subtotal: £1,559.88

Credit card fees (2%): £31.20

Grand total: £1,591.08

Stretch target: if we raise more than this, we would love to buy a total of 14 e-readers, costing £1,856.26. This would mean we could have 2 e-readers per class!


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