LouLou is completing The Great York Walk 2021

I'm walking the WORLD to fundraise for groundbreaking mental health research and initiatives

LouLou is completing The Great York Walk 2021
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This project received pledges on Sat 31 Jul 2021

I'm doing The Great York Walk to raise funds for Mentally Fit York at the University of York. Mental ill-health doesn't discriminate the social implications of coronavirus are only just starting to be seen. Along with more than 500 others, I'm going to be walking as far as possible each day to contribute my steps to the 25,000 mile walking goal - equivalent of a little walk around the Earth. Starting at 9am on May 10th and finishing at 5pm on 31st July.

Mentally Fit York promotes good mental health on a local, national and international scale. Your support will be used to fund initiatives such as 24/7 mental health support for York students and research projects to further our understanding of mental health issues and the barriers to accessing support services.

Your support also goes towards providing suicide prevention training, Mental Health Nursing Scholarships and to a range of other initiatives which are decided by an expert panel of mental health and well-being researchers, practitioners and advocates. Find out more about what Mentally Fit York has supported here.