Help our robotics teams to reach the VEX IQ Challenge national finals next year.

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key stats

Number of students that will benefit: 240

Age of students: 7-11

Percentage eligible for free school meals: 23%

our project

This year, Lyndhurst Primary School from Oldham entered the VEX IQ Challenge for the very first time, competing in a challenge called Ringmaster against schools across Greater Manchester. Our talented robotics team worked collaboratively to build and learn to programme a robot called a 'Clawbot' in order to play a game called Ringmaster. We took our young team of boys and girls from year 4 and 5 (and our robot) to the regional finals in Bolton, where they communicated confidently with children aged up to 14 years, solved problems effectively and managed high pressure situations.

However, only 8 children were able to take part in the preparation for the project and represent our school at the regional final, due to the limited amount of robotics resources we had available. In the next competition, we hope that many more children will be able to participate and benefit from this amazing opportunity, as we are hoping to collect more robotics equipment and build a full field perimeter for our robot to roam.

What we want

We would like to buy a game kit so that we can practise more effectively in school ahead of the competition.

Why do we want it?

A second robot would give us more chance of reaching the national final. We also want to teach more children to use the coding software in order to teach the robot to move autonomously. Eventually, we hope that our robots and software will be used to teach computer science, coding and design and technology across the school.  In the long run, we aspire to encourage our pupils to consider careers in STEM subjects, perhaps building their own robots in the future.


VEX IQ full field perimeter and tiles @ £174.99

Credit card fees (2%): £3.50

Grand total: £178.49


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