"What Remains" - MA Final Project

Three research projects join to create a devised performance piece, workshop and Installation.

"What Remains" - MA Final Project
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We are Delphine, Kat and Sara-Jayne and we are currently studying a Masters degree in Collaborative Theatre Making in association with Frantic Assembly. We are working together on an exciting new project devising a live performance as part of ConTeMplate Festival to be held at Coventry University this December. We are raising money to fund this project, and we are supremely excited as, after a year of hard work, it is finally our chance to take what we've learnt and make our own piece! We want it to be as awesome as possible and to reach as many people as possible! 

Our devised performance investigates why certain stories remain with us and explores the ambiguous line between truth and fiction. The performance is an amalgamation of three research projects and will be accompanied by a workshop and installation exploring the creative process. 

The Collaborators

Delphine - I’m a co-creator with a background in theatre and dance, both performing and creating. I’m from the Philippines and came to the U.K with a fascination for physical theatre and devising. What I bring to this creative performance project is an interest in Philippine folktales and legends and seeing how it can intersect and collide with stories from other cultures. I’m also conducting a study on the devising tasks that are brought into or created in the rehearsal room.

Kat - I am a collaborative theatre maker from Western Australia, with a background in puppetry, music, and physical theatre. I moved to the UK to participant in this MA with the hopes of expanding my understanding of devised theatre, and my skills within the creative process. I've become fascinated with the documentation and recording of process, and this is the perspective my research project takes.

Sara-Jayne - I'm a co-creator, performer and movement enthusiast! Having danced since the age of three and choreographed professionally, my role takes a specific inquiry into movement and movement directing. My research strand investigates how other movement directors and choreographers find depth, truth and meaning within their work and how I can incorporate that into my own work and practice as a theatre maker. 

Dominique La Victoria - We are thrilled to have Dominique on board as our dramaturg. She is generously donating her time to this project and we couldn't be more grateful! Dominique is a playwright from Cagayan de Oro. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Creative Writing (2014) and Theater Arts (2015) from the Ateneo de Manila University. She was a fellow for playwriting at the 20th Iligan National Writers Workshop. Her plays ‘Chipline’ (2013) and ‘Ang Bata sa Drum’ (2016/2017) were staged at the Cultural Center of the Philippines’ Virgin Labfest, with the latter published in the third VLF anthology and staged by Bindlestiff Studios in San Francisco, California. ‘Ang Bata sa Drum’ was adjudged Third Prize at the 67th Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards. After bouncing between New York, Manila, and Cagayan de Oro, she is currently living in London taking up Master of Arts (MA) in Dramaturgy and Writing for Performance at Goldsmiths University of London.

Our Project

Our project is unique in that it sees three distinct and individual research projects feed into the creation of one performance piece. Each individual perspective brings a different lens to the material. As collaborators, discovering how these perspectives work together and enrich the piece is a fascinating and rewarding process. The culmination of this will be delivered to the audience in three distinct but interrelated forms - a performance, a workshop and an installation, giving the audience a unique insight into our experience.

The performance piece itself is about stories - why we tell them, what they mean to us, and what the stories that remain with us reveal about ourselves. Storytelling is an innately human tool that brings people and communities together. In this current global climate of extreme polarisation we believe it’s more important than ever to have stories that connect people and focus on what we have in common instead of our differences.This is the idea that has inspired our creation. We delve into the images, characters, stories and legends that have somehow clung to us and remained with us over the years. Through text, physicality and music we explore how these 'remnants' have meshed with our personal histories and navigate the blurry and beautiful line where fact meets fiction.

The post-show workshop, led by Delphine, will introduce participants to some of the processes we engaged with on our journey though the work. The installation invites the audience to experience the process through interactive and embodied documentation.

Contributors will be supporting three emerging artists making new, boundary-stretching work that explores the human condition and resonates with a broad audience. 

Where will the money go?

We are lucky enough to have rehearsal facilities provided in-kind by Coventry University, however, we are based in London and Bedford, so we need your help to bring us together to get this unique collaboration on it's feet!

Props and Set: £300

Transportation for Dramaturg: £100

Rehearsal space in London (2 weeks): £400

Accommodation in Coventry: 200 per week x 3 = £600

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We have a blog, which is the perfect place to keep updated! We post regularly with details of what we've been up to in the studio. 


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