MA Innovation Management 2018 Degree Show

Futureality: Shaping Tomorrow Today

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Our Project

MA Innovation Management 2018 Degree Show


Futureality: Shaping Tomorrow Today

When we observe the world, what do we see?

Project Summary

We are crowdfunding for a week of FUTUREALITY , a series of workshops that will explore potential Futures – resilient, ethical, experiential and digital – by putting the many roles of innovation managers into practice. The MA Innovation Management class of 2018 will showcase their knowledge, skills, and experience in this event using different innovation tools, methods, and practices. Thereby FUTUREALITY explores the innovation process from ideation and prototyping to how we shape tomorrow, today. We investigate themes, that allow us to address industry specific concerns and offer insights from our 22 graduates through curated exhibits and dedicated industry workshops.

Our story

With the prevailing debates on sustainability, economic uncertainty and artificial intelligence we, as innovation managers, explore methods and practices to frame critical questions that shape future scenarios. Help us to facilitate and continue our work in the field of innovation management by donating to our workshop projects.

Who are we?

We are MA Innovation Management (MAIM) students graduating in July 2018.MA Innovation Management at Central Saint Martins offers a unique positioning of management and innovation studies hosted in an internationally acclaimed art and design school. 2018 celebrates the 10th anniversary of the course.

Central Saint Martins offers the diversity and global reach of our community. With its most established reputations in fashion, art and design, the environment also offers transformational courses spanning across management and communications.

Time and Place

June 19 - 22, 2018

Central Saint Martins, 1, Granary Square, London, N1C 4AA, at the LVMH Theatre (Ground Floor)

Where will your money go?

The proceeds will support the construction of our exhibition.

This includes materials, production of media, printing of content, and catering of the event.


Be part of our success! After the postgraduate experience, we will be active and responsible members of the design and development of the future across various sectors/industries.

Your generosity can be a way to get involved in our mission of designing better futures for all. Your support to this show, a milestone in our innovation careers, means a lot to us and to future generations. Share, get involved or simply come and get inspired!

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