Rocket Science

Help Mounts Bay Academy Rocketeers put West Cornwall into space!

Rocket Science
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Completion Date: Fri 14 Jul 2017

Key stats

% of students on pupil premium:  21%

Number of students this will benefit: 30 initially, however the club will be open to more and the intention is it to grow.

Age of students: 14-16


We are launching a new Rocket Science programme and are looking to purchase rockets, rocket motors and launch equipment as well as robotics equipment to supplement our RaspberryPi computing suite.

My students

In West Cornwall, Mount Bay Academy has had links to communication and space through the Goonhilly Ground Station, Porthcurno Telegraph Museum and, hopefully, Newquay Airport SpacePort. We also have the West Cornwall Dark Skies Project underway and the school has an Astronomy Club.

My project

To give students access to these new industries, I wanted to make Computing more accessible and interesting. When the Rocket Science course was launched by TLM, I realised that is was the perfect course to excite students and give them important skills.

However, whilst we might have a suite of 30 RaspberryPi 3s and electronics kits, we don't yet have rockets, rocket motors and the necessary launch equipment, as well as robotics kits that are needed for part of the course.

The course will be open to any student and will also happen as an after school club.


30 rockets with associated motors, 3 of the following at £99 each = £300

20 higher powered rockets with motors

1 of the following at £79.99

10 of the following at £13.99 each = £140

Delivery costs: £13.99


30 of the following at £18.00 each = £540

Any extra money earned will pay for extra rocket motors.

Delivery costs: £2.50

Credit card fees (2%): £22 (to cover the fees charged by the payment provider)

Grand Total = £1,098

Help us reach our target!

Help #MBARocketeers put West Cornwall into space