Master of Science in Finance - MIT (US) Scholarship

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Master of Science in Finance - MIT (US) Scholarship
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Completion Date: Mon 22 Feb 2021

I'm raising £80,000 to study a Masters in Finance at MIT which will give me the platform to specialise in finance research and theory. The masters degree will also mean that I have the capacity to benefit from the on campus recruiting for top financial firms. 

I am a motivated 20 year old who will be graduating in 2021 from Birkbeck College (University of London) with a First Class Degree in Accounting and Finance. 

In my capacity, I have previously worked on 4 research papers in finance as a research assistant and I would love to get the platform to build on this with excellent faculty. 

The Masters in Finance is a great platform to get engaged and build up on my academic research. It includes staff that will incorporate the best academic research into the curriculum and will be excellent to work with. MIT Sloan is considered the birthplace of modern finance. Pioneers such as Fischer Black, John Cox, and Stewart C. Myers, as well as Nobel Laureates Paul Samuelson, Robert C. Merton, Myron Scholes and Franco Modigliani all have roots in the MIT Sloan Finance Group, a major force of change and innovation in the finance industry. Formed long before other business schools recognized finance as a distinct field of study, the MIT Finance Group is responsible for many of the research breakthroughs that have shaped finance theory and practice for more than 40 years—a track record of leadership that continues today. The Black-Scholes-Merton derivative-pricing model, The Modigliani-Miller theorems on corporate financing and evaluation, and the Cox-Ingersoll-Ross model of the term structure of interest rates are all ground breaking theories which were created by MIT. 

MIT Sloan finance faculty are advancing the field of financial economics while generating innovations and leading-edge management practices critical for leadership in today’s complex global economy. MFin students have access to their latest research. 

This is a great opportunity to enhance your contribution to public research in finance which will contribute to society. Using my connections to academia and my superior academics skills to foster the best publications.

Most of the money will be spent on the tuition fees (90%+) of the programme and some tools needed to conduct the research. If more money is raised than targeted then I might use this money for investing or starting a business. I will only give updates and progress on my campaign at the end of the crowdfunding campaign. 

I have some amazing rewards to thank the biggest donor who donates, this might include a MacBook Pro or iPhone. 

You can find my linked in profile below

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