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Completion Date: Fri 29 Mar 2019

A short summary

Hey everyone! We are The University of Brighton Debate Society and we're organising our Model United Nations (MUN) trips to MainMUN in Frankfurt, Germany, alongside a trip to C'MUN in Barcelona, Spain, for 2019. To make these amazing and highly educational trips a reality, we need help from all of you! As a society, these are our largest trips we've undertaken and we need your support to make it a reality!

This opportunity will allow UoB students to represent a country as a delegate in a committee that mirrors a branch of the UN or even other organisations such as NATO or The Commonwealth in MainMUN & C'MUN. Delegates of each country argue for its political aims in the council. You can also play political characters in crisis.

We have been taking part in similar conferences as a society for over two years and they are an absolute honour to be a part of. They have fantastic organisation and with great opportunities to; win awards, improve your CV and put the University of Brighton on the map internationally. Here are some previous events:

Who we are

We are the University Of Brighton Debating Society. With many current experienced members of up to nearly four years in the society. We have won a total of four awards for the University from different MUNs and were nominated for Society of the Year in 2017/2018, putting us in the top four societies between Brighton and Hastings campuses! Below is a photo of our 2017/2018 committee at the awards last year:

We are organizing these trips this year with our fantastic 2018/2019 committee consisting of; David Kerr (President) Tommy Scott (Web Officer), Fred Wilsher (Vice President), Lana Milner (Welfare & Safety Officer), Chilli Wilson (Teasurer) , Laura Donkin (Social Secretary) and Ramy Badrie (Charity & Recruitment Officer). We also have a superb graduate of the university, Sebastian Culligan (Ambassador) who also sits on the committee and helps with the organisation of trips and events. Here's the new committee below at The Grand, sadly missing Lana!

his Society is part of the Brighton Students' Union

our story

 Our society has only existed for three and a half years but we have gone from just a small society to now the biggest humanities society in The University! We are a society that values Freedom of Speech and focuses on getting to the root of issues while encouraging discussion ideas and beliefs from various cultures and political ideologies, while making sure everyone; feels included, has fun, comes to socials and even making friends of their political enemies. We have done many large scale events covering important subjects effecting the world today and have organised a debate on the refugee crisis with the Amnesty Society here in Brighton at the start of March. Here we are at our December 2018 Christmas Dinner at The Grand:

Where will the money go?

The money will hopefully cover the ticket prices for the event which are approximately £70 per person.

If we hit our full target, we plan to help cover the costs for transportation so that the trip is more affordable. If funding is particularly high we can bring the cost down from about £210 per person to around £140. 

 Cost Breakdown:

  • Event Tickets £70 x30 = £2100
  • Flights £40 x30 = £1200
  • Accommodation = £100 x30 = £3000
  • Coach, food, local transport and emergency fund = £1500+

    Total: £7800.00+

The total amount is split between over 30 delegates, which is made possible by the eagerness of students to attend, but desperately need £800 to cover costs for coach transport which we have planned to cover.

    For Barcelona however the price will be a bit more with flights & accommodation costing about £200 per person with event ticket prices of 110 Euros. We hope to take a minimum of 32 people on this trips but we are struggling to take those from low income background and hope to subsidize the costs or wholly cover the event ticket costs. We hope to raise as much as £3000 to help cover £50-£100 of the total cost per person for their trips, which benefits both them and the university.


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    Help us succeed!

    Come down to our meetings held every Wednesday in 201 Cockcroft at 6pm! Vote on the topics listed on our Facebook group every week. A special debate topic will also be selected by our committee every week. If you're short on funds, you don't have to give money to help us succeed! Please share this project with anyone you think would support us – on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, by email, telephone, in conversation or on your blog!

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