Antarctic Expedition for Women in Science

Send me to Antarctica to be a leader for women in science.

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Why me?

Madeleine Hann

Geographer, geomorphologist, geologist and science communicator.

PhD candidate in The Department of Geography at The University of Manchester. 

I study how rivers have shaped landscapes in the past 2.5 million year - often as a response to a changing climate. 

  • I'm a scientist and science communicator. 
  • I am dedicated to working towards equality in science. 
  • At this early stage of my career in science. It is important I learn how to share my knowledge effectively to add to good global decision making. 
  • We need women in science so we can act as role models and encourage diversity. 

I need your support in raising £5000 to travel to Antarctica, as part of the Homeward Bound Project, to learn to lead and how to increase the visibility and impact of women in science.

£5000 in 1 month. Every £1 will help.

Antarctic Expedition + Leadership

This New Year, 80 women from all over the world will set sail to Antarctica to promote women in science.

Help me be part of the team.

The Homeward Bound project is a ground-breaking initiative for women in science including:

  • A year of leadership and professional development training.
  • One-to-one coaching sessions with Human Synergistics.
  • Collaborative research into climate change, gender and science communication.
  • The largest ever all-female Antarctic expedition.
  • The vision to create equality for women in science.  This year sees the third of ten teams of women traveling to Antarctica. This means I can be part of a 1000-strong network of women all working toward equality in science for better research, better policy making and better global leadership

Help me be a part of the expedition to Antarctica and join 1000 women working together for equality.

The problems facing women in science

...resulting in the gender gap in science. Please get in touch if you would like to see any of the peer reviewed studies which discuss each of these issues in detail. 

What can you do about it?

Your donation will fund:

  • Return flight from Manchester to Buenos Aires, Argentina (departing on Christmas Day!) £1000.
  • Flights from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia, at the southern tip of Argentina, to board the ship. £350.
  • Food and accommodation on board the ship for three weeks sailing around Antarctica. £9,000.
  • Clothing for the Antarctic. (Boots, thermals, jacket and trousers). £500.
  • Administration and operational cost of the expedition. £1000.

The full cost of the 21 night expedition year long training program is just under £12,000, and £5,000 will therefore be a huge contribution! I am crowd-funding along side studying for my PhD, so I decided £5,000 was the most achievable aim. The remaining cost will be met by sponsorship and self-funding.

All coaching/teaching/time of the faculty members on-board the ship in Antarctica is given in-kind  due to a shared vision of equipping women to lead on climate change solutions. Please have look at the Homeward Bound Governance on the website for full details.

Leading the way on climate change

  • Climate change will affect everyone.
  • Climate change is the biggest challenge we all face.
  • As women are often in vulnerable positions in society, reliant on natural resources, have low resilience to natural hazards and make up the majority of the world's poor. So climate change will effecting women first and women most.

Diversity in global decision making is a step towards sustainable solutions.

We need women in the highest levels of leadership in science so they can contribute to these decisions. 

I need you with me


  • Tell your friends! Have a conversation about gender equality and how I'm promoting it today. 
  • Share my project on Facebook and Twitter to reach more potential supporters. 
  • Donate to my project so I can promote gender equality for the rest of my career.

Social Responsibility and Climate Change

University of Manchester, School of Environment, Education and Development, Social Responsibility team have show great support for my project, and have promoted it on their blog:

All media coverage available at:

7. Huge thank YOU to Sponsors:

Supporting the 5 women representing the UK:

Supporting the Antarctic expedition globally:

At the core of the Homeward Bound leadership training program:

Providing jackets for the expedition:

Providing free one-on-one professional development coaching:

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The Homeward Bound Project Website

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Your NAME in the SNOW I'll write your name in the Antarctic snow and send you the digital photo. Leaving no trace...

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A digital photo album from Antarctica sent to you after the expedition. Perfect screen savers to remind you of your contribution.

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Postcard from Antarctica. A personal thank you message from the most southerly post office in the world. I will have no internet on the journey so this will be the closest I get to communication! Warning! Subject to international postage, postcards have been known to take months to arrive, but will be extra exciting when the do.

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I'll wear a penguin costume (a proper costume not just a onesie!) for a day at work including undergraduate teaching. This is by popular request of many supportive colleagues so please make their dream come true.

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Post-voyage video call! Do you have a friend who would (or would you) love an inspiring chat about Antarctica, being an early career scientist, rivers, research, equality for women or penguins? Donate and I'll give you a call for 1 hour to share the journey experience and pass on all the advice I can!

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Your FACE in Antarctica. Send me a photograph of your face and I'll print it on a t-shirt to wear on my journey. You'll always be with me. I'll send you digital photographs and video of me wearing it and saying a big thank you to your supportive face.

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Polar Plunge! I'll take a dunk in the freezing Antarctic waters and send you the video. All in the name of women in science! If I get two donations, I'll head back in for a second dip !

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