Malawi Charity School -Power Project

Impacting lives by delivering sustained electricity

Malawi Charity School -Power Project
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ABDC Energy are seeking your support to install a solar power system that will provide electricity to a charity funded school and medical clinic in Chiluzi village, Malawi. The Nora Docherty Charitable Foundation has worked continuously in the village to alleviate poverty and promote economic & social advancement through the education of children and adults.

ABDC Energy are undertaking the fund raising on behalf of the Foundation, we will receive no payment for this not-for-profit project, with the installed equipment being gifted directly to the school and clinic to provide them free and sustained access to electricity. Your contributions will make a substantial difference to the lives of the school children and benefit the wider community. Any money not used directly on the project will be donated in the names of the individual donors, helping the Foundation to continue their important work at the School & Clinic. The primary school opened in 2007, today they support the education of 2500 pupils, in 2016 the Nursery opened caring for 100 children 5 days per week. The Clinic conducted their first pre-5’s & antenatal clinic in May 2017 and have since become a critical factor in health outcomes of pregnant mothers and children, and of the wider community. Through your donations we will install around 50 kW of power, the installed equipment will provide sustained electricity without major maintenance for at least 10 years. The School currently cares for 2600 primary and nursery children, by reaching our fund-raising goal, your donations will provide free electricity benefiting school children and the village over the next decade. The power sector in Malawi is severely constrained, around 16 million people have no access to power, with 80% of the population living in rural communities 4 out of 5 schools have no electricity. Access to electricity should not be a luxury, without it the opportunities for education and employment are limited, electricity is a critical factor for reducing poverty. The area has a population of approximately 100,000 people, with around 6,800 families. The school and clinic remain off-grid and are all but bereft of electricity. The installation of a renewable solar system will alleviate electricity starvation, increase educational opportunities in the school, aid social inclusion and help to improve healthcare. Your contributions will directly support the installation of a clean, renewable and sustained source of electricity that will provide school children, staff and the local villagers access to: · Lighting, allowing the school and clinic to operate longer each day. · Comfort in class, with the installation of heaters and air conditioners. · Teaching staff who prefer to work in environments with electricity. · Modern teaching aids such as computers, projectors, printers, etc. · Refrigeration for food and medicines. · Clean cooking facilities, displacing unsustainable solid fuel i.e. charcoal By reaching our target goal we will be able to implement this project in full, however, in the same manner that the Charity built the school, we are prepared to go classroom by classroom and will stage the implementation of electricity. ABDC Energy will endeavour to obtain equipment and services from their suppliers and subcontractors at the lowest possible cost, with any remaining funds being donated to the Foundation to maintain the solar power system. Your support will ensure the: · Supply of Solar and Battery Equipment. · Onsite installation and commissioning. · Training of local maintenance staff. · Security to sustain the power supply. We would appreciate if you would circulate this widely and consider donating, every little helps. Your contributions will make a substantial difference to the lives of the school children and benefit the whole community, we look forward to keeping you updated on this beneficial project and show how this has delivered a significant social and environmental return.