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'Mallets' at the Edinburgh Fringe

A new piece of theatre that University of Manchester students are taking to the Edinburgh Fringe

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This project received pledges on Wed 29 May 2019

We’re raising £974 to take a production of Mallets to Edinburgh for the fringe festival which will provide highly creative University of Manchester students with their opportunity for a ‘big break’!

Who are we?

My name’s Felix Firth and along with my partner in crime, Merle Wheldon-Posner, and assisted by the magnanimous Eliza Bacon, we’re directing a brand-new play written by Rex Fisher. Boring I know. Along on this ride with us is an amazing cast consisting of Merle (who has many strings to her bow!), the infamous Harry Fredrickson and the wonderful Lola Byam-Shaw.

Our story

What is interesting is the play. It’s a rip-roaring new comedy-drama about a bloodthirsty croquet match. Oxymoron? Have you ever played croquet? It’s rude, it’s crass and it’s comical. So, if you appreciate the arts, and you want to support good old-fashioned gallows humour, and give British comedy a croquet-mallet-shaped whack up the a**e then this is for you.

Why is this important to me? Now that’s a better question. I love the play. I’ve read it a thousand times. I’m gonna have to read it a thousand more times, but it still makes me chuckle. I love directing it. The actors love acting it. And those who came to see it in Manchester in November loved seeing it. I want to share this love further. That’s why we’re taking it to Edinburgh’s 2019 Fringe. To face the music. To sink or to swim. To be the honest man and to give something that I love an honest good going.

Your donation will mean a huge amount to us because it will give us the ability and the scope to do this properly as we, as students, are not in the position to fund it ourselves entirely. Beyond this it is hard to quantify the impact that you truly might have as the sky is the limit! Who knows you may be funding the next big creative team that got their start at the fringe and go on to do great things!

Where will the money go?

Venue hire. That’s basically it. We’re frugal as hell. We’re all chipping in for our own accommodation, transport, food. All our props are begged, borrowed, and mostly stealed. All we need is to do is pay the suits for the stage and we’re away. I’ll be honest I’d sell a kidney for the money, but this seems less bloody. It’s not much money, but it’s more than we can afford alone. That’s why we need you. That’s why only you can make this happen.

Here is a breakdown of where this money will go and how it will be spent depending on how much we raise. 

As stated above if we reach our minimum of £974 then that money will go entirely on the first payment for the cost of the performance space rental.

If we reach our full target of £5,203 then we will use the additional money raised to cover the all other costs, these include:

  • Remaining costs of space space rental £1,944
  • Registration fee £395
  • Insurance £164
  • Accommodation in excess of £1,500
  • Travel (van hire & petrol) as well as cast and crew travel cost £595
  • Printing of flyers and posters £605

Of course, if we exceed this upper bracket then we will then look to see which ways we can invest this money back in to drama at The University of Manchester.


We’ve mustered some absolutely fab rewards to thank those who donate so please do check them out.

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/edfringe_mallets/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EdFringeMallets

Help us succeed!

You don't have to give money to help us succeed. If you can’t donate please share this project with anyone you think might support us. Likes, shares and re-tweets really do help.

But if you can donate you’d be nothing short of super.

Beyond this, if you’re going to be at the Fringe or know anyone who is do come support us.

We’re just a couple of young nobodies wanting to make a something. But isn’t that how all great things start? So, come on. Please. Come be a part of this. Help us to it. Get that fire burning. Anything you’ve got - because a little really goes a long way. So please. Please… please.

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