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Rose Tinted Lens

Photography Final Major Project Fund

Rose Tinted Lens
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This project received pledges on Wed 31 Mar 2021

This project will explore and rebut the male/female gaze from an asexual/gender non-conforming perspective. In a world where so much content and art are sexualised, this project will take a deeper dive on the sensual and focus on beauty without objectifying a person.

Check out  my website here: www.meggophoto.com

I am currently working on my final degree piece, and require some extra support during this difficult time.

Intended techniques: 

DSLR Camera OR MEDIUM FORMAT IF PERMITTED, macro lens camera for detail/rich shots to give the sense of closeness and focus on the model they will be SEEN but not looked at.

By using film the image created will feel like a one of a kind, in my final images I want to feature the negative film in some way, by experimenting with scanning and using overlays and layered images. Ideally I would also like to use the colour film darkroom to create the images and experiment with the size, but given the circumstances it is likely I will have to scan and edit digitally.


This project is for nonbinary and people who identify as women to celebrate, the gallery space will become a safe space and will allow the viewers to appreciate the work without sexualisation. In a gallery, the viewer would become part of the artwork.

I have two options on print sizes 

A0 Velvet Photos that offer softness to the focus while keeping rich colours (est 5 – 10 images)


Retro polaroid prints stacked on a wall (inspired by The Nude Chapel by Tim Walker) – this collection of small photos will make the viewer have to take a very close look to see the details of the image, becoming a very personal experience. The idea of using polaroid style prints would represent how there is only that one unique image, again to drive in the personal feeling – it could be so easily ripped away and erased: only to be a memory.

The funds that are raised will go into travel, costume and design, set building, material costs such as film, film processing, printing.

Travel - Est. £50 - although we have restrictions on travel, I will need to travel to my model. As I have no car I will have to travel by taxi (as I do not feel that traveling by train is a safe option)

Materials – Film rolls - £50. Set design, costume/fabric materials - £100

Printing – Est. £50 for photo quality prints to edit and process in scanning.

Est. A0 = £100 per final image. Polaroid = £6.99 for 20 images 

Installation costs TBC  (we do not have a physical gallery) I will use whatever funding to help promote my work and submit to competitions and galleries post graduation.

I really want to make the most out of this final project and kickstart my work after I have completed my degree. 


£1 or more: supporters will receive a postcard of the main final image with a personal thank you message.

£20-£40: a rolled poster print of all the images used along with other lower tier rewards

£50 or more: original work in progress prints along with other lower tier rewards

£100 or more: original film negative along with other lower tier rewards