National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)

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National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)
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summary of The project

We are hoping to raise money for our club to be able to attend the Regional NSBE conference in Danvers, Massachusetts from November 15-18. Attending this conference would allow us to expand our knowledge in the STEM field while also allowing us to network with various officials in the field; which may lead to internships and jobs in highly ranked companies. The funds raised would help push us towards our goal to cover the expenses for the hotel, transportation, and food. We are a small club but we have the biggest hearts and with your help we would be able to share our love for STEM with others, and establish a foundation to rise and follow our dreams.

Who are we?

We are the Western New England chapter of National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE). This is our second year of re-building the club and we are attempting to a make a memorable mark on campus with programs, seminars, teachings, and much more. We hope that through attending conference students will be inspired to stay involved and continue to build for the future. Although we are small, we dream big, and hope that with your help our NSBE chapter will soar like it once did. 

Executive Board Members:

Alaina Washington, President - Industrial Engineer

Winston Hendricks, Vice-President - Mechanical Engineer

Brandon Moore, Treasurer - Mechanical Engineer

Ashley Bonilla, Secretary - Computer Engineer

Daysheana "Day" Walters, Marketing Chair - Civil Engineer

Andrew "Abe" Abraham, Fundraising Chair - Electrical Engineer

Learn more about our E-Board HERE 

our story

NSBE welcomes students who are underrepresented and mentors and guides them and gives them the opportunity to advance themselves. Our members guide each other academically, encourage non-members to be active, and enhance the community's knowledge of robotics. Attending conference is important to us because it gives us the chance to take our classroom theories and see how they are put to practical use. The impact made from your generous donations will be felt by each of us as they are an investment in our education and the goals of our organization. 

financial breakdown

The funds raised will allow our club to go to our first ever Regional Conference in Danvers, MA. These gifts will help with transportation, hotel, food, vans, and registration for each student. Below you will see the exact breakdown of the costs. Any additional money raised will be used to help educate our students with workshops based on the various disciplines of engineering. This may include Arduino training, manufacturing plant tours, simulations, and much more. So far we have received grants from our Student Senate and the College of Engineering and hopefully, with your donations, every member of the e-board will be able to attend. 

Transportation: $322.85

Hotel: $1,332

Food: estimating $400

Registration: $816 

Total: $2,870.85

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Help us succeed!

Your contributions are greatly appreciated. However, you don't have to give to help us succeed even though we will appreciate it. You can also help us out tenfold by spreading the word about our project. In fact, share it with everyone you know to make sure we reach our goal! Thank you in advance for sponsoring us and making this happen!