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Completion Date: Tue 19 Dec 2017

Model United Nations is an exciting and fast-paced club that challenges its delegates to gain a comprehensive understanding of the global community and the diplomacy it takes to hold it all together. We are raising as much money as possible to send as many students, an estimated 20, to New York to represent UMBC and Maryland at the National Model United Nations Conference at the Sheraton Time Square.

The conference, sponsored directly by thee United Nations, is an amazing growth event for students, and an experience of a lifetime. We do our best to develop the delegates of our team in the Washington D.C. Conference, and then bring the best and brightest to the real deal in New York.This money is going directly to covering their travel and hotel costs, as well as delegate and registration fees.

Costs can be as much as $700 per person for the conference, but that doesn't include food or travel. Thankfully, SGA often helps bring the costs down to $500 per person. Your contributions will make it possible for less financially secure delegates to attend the conference in March.

I am the treasurer of the Model UN team. I am requesting funds on behalf of the team and all those who I am the individual who directly organizes how the funds that are raised are allocated and used to benefit the students of UMBC. I also track costs per conference.

If this campaign is successful, we can implement plans to add more specialized conferences, hold events on campus, and make a larger impact on the campus.The team this year consists mostly of freshmen students and new-to-MUN delegates, so they are excited to become a part of the MUN community worldwide, and look forward to the personal development opportunities within it.

Extra funds will be used to hold on-campus and cooperative events with other student organizations, creating awareness and knowledge of cultures represented on campus. We hope that cultural education helps understand and empathize different views and origins around the world, as well as improve each delegate's ability to communicate and work with others effectively, beyond the core MUN group. Updates will be given regularly, as I will be able to tell you exactly what cost the delegates still must pay for by themselves.

$756 per delegate w/o Transportation

Current costs

Travel: Train $200 or Bus $50 / person ( 20)

Delegate Fee: $135 / person ( 20)

Faculty Fee: $135            For our awesome faculty adviser Cynthia Hody

Registration Cost: $200 for the team

Porterage Fees: $11 / person ( 20) Hotel rooms are $339 per room, each room shared by 4 people for maximum cost effectiveness. The conference lasts for 5 nights. We also cover costs for our faculty adviser to have their own room. We budget for 6 rooms for the delegates, and one for the faculty adviser. $339 ( 7*5)

Introduction to MUN


NMUN from the perspective of a different college

Functions of the United Nations

What Model United Nations is like for kids

Importance of Model United Nations


Feel free to contact us on Facebook or through Gritstarter! Any idea to help or any interest helps build a community that supports and accelerates the success of our delegates! Although a donation would be appreciated, you don't need to give money to help us succeed! Please share this project with anyone you think would support us – on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, by email, telephone, in a chat over the fence or on your blog.

Help us bring UMBC to World Stage!

All funds raised are administered by the UMBC Foundation for the benefit of UMBC.