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Completion Date: Fri 15 Sep 2017


The GymWiz application aims to provide easy-to-follow instructional videos on how to operate various gym equipment, complimentary fitness features with the options of accessing the contents in two languages - English and Mandarin.

Who are we

With a gym freak, two sport geeks and a fitness enthusiast, Team FriSia is made up of a group of students from China and Africa who have recently moved to the University of Aberdeen in pursuit of postgraduate degrees.

We know navigating life in a new city and maintaining a healthy lifestyle using neighboring gyms can be challenging due to certain factors such as inexperience and language constraints. We also discovered how daunting blending into a crowd of ‘ fit ’ individuals can be especially with little or no experience in using gym equipment. Our product GymWiz offers a convenient way of learning to operate your ideal gym equipment.


Team FriSia has come together to develop an app that provides instant access to instructional videos, gym registrations, personal trainings and shopping fitness items such as meal plans, gym gears etc. It also allows you explore the option of virtual coaching from qualified fitness experts and gives you easy access to a community of your local gym users. With a premium membership, users can also track their viewed videos, subscribed plans and enjoy access to targeted workout for specific fitness goals.


GymWiz is an app for ALL!!!

The language flexibility, ease of use, low cost and convenience offered by GymWiz has made it the ideal option for everyone; irrespective of your cultural background, social skills (extroverted or introverted) and level of experience using gym equipment.


Working-out has proven to be a way for creating a happier and healthier life with minimised exposure to life-threatening conditions.

Our mission is to ensure that your pursuit of a healthy lifestyle is no longer a daunting experience and to encourage your consistency throughout your fitness journey.


We have some fab rewards to appreciate our amazing backers! Check them out!


At the completion of the funding phase, we run the challenge of developing the application and bringing it to market through the standard media such as App store and google play store. To guarantee on-time delivery on the 27th of November 2017, we must ensure that funds are properly allocated to pay the developers.

While GymWiz already has some in-built functionalities, some of its power lies in the contents developed by our partners - professional trainers, nutritionists and gym-gear retailers. Nonetheless, we are determined to successfully launch GymWiz. With your backing and our passion for fitness and technology, we aim to create a healthier community for everyone.


Q: Are the instructions presented only in English?

A. No. The application currently offers information in both English and Mandarin. Also, additional languages would be integrated, as we continue operation, in future updates.

Q: Do I have to pay for each update?

A: No. However, accessing the premium features would still attracts a cost.

Q : How frequently would the app be updated?

A : Releasing updates would depend on various factors such as situational differences - market trends, the introduction of new equipment, acquisition of new key partners and feedback generated from our users.

Hence, the timeline for each update would depend on the technical complexities involved in implementing each new feature. Nonetheless, we aim to deliver on updates between a period of 1 to 14days.

Q : Does the app represent other gyms besides Aberdeen Sports Village?

A: Not Currently. However, we look forward to introducing new gyms on the app soon.

Q : Can I become a registered trainer at GymWiz?

A. Yes. To become a trainer, kindly contact us at

Q : How does the virtual training reward work?

A: With the help of a team of qualified experts, fitness coaching would be offered using Skype and phone calls.