iPads for Northway

Help our students communicate and learn with the latest iPads!

iPads for Northway
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Completion Date: Sun 14 Jan 2018


Number of students that will benefit: 110

Age of students: 4-11 years

Percentage eligible for free school meals: 44.9%


We are looking to raise £1500 to enable us to purchase a new set of iPads. Our older iPad 2s are becoming obsolete in February, meaning that apps and functions will not work soon. iPads are invaluable at Northway School as they help many children to communicate and motivate them to learn and engage.

Our students

“It helps me to learn of lots of new stuff. I like to go on DKFINDOUT ” – Sophie, Year 5

“They are lots of fun and help me with sums and numbers” – Atara, Year 6

Our project

As a Special Needs Primary, iPads are a vital and much loved part of our school life. They are used for communication and across the curriculum and have become invaluable to many of our students. Currently we have a small set of iPads that are used across the school. These have been with us for over 5 years so they are showing signs of wear and tear. Also, the iPad 2 operating system is becoming obsolete in February 2018 so means that most apps will be unusable and there will be no further updates for these products.

Purchasing a new set of iPads would really help many of our students.

1. Students who struggle with verbal communication would have access to iPads that could be used for communication, e.g. the GoTalkNow app.

2. The iPads would be used as a whole class teaching tool across the curriculum and especially in ICT lessons.

3. The new set of iPads would be future-ready so that students can use the latest apps and learn the newest functions.

Where your donation goes

7x iPad Air 16GB (4G+Wi-Fi) White - Refurbished @ £216 each

Subtotal: £1512

Credit card fees @ 2%: £30.24

Grand total: £1542.24

Thank you for supporting our latest project!

Michael Taylor

ICT Technician at Northway