A solution for the EU Funds tenderig process

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Completion Date: Mon 31 Oct 2016

Our product.

Our product, ok-tender, is an app. It is has been devised to aid, tender briefers, tender applicants and both governmental and non-governmental organisations deal with the EU PON tendering process. This app is free of charge and will aid regulators and participants gain the most possible from the PON tendering process, by alleviating the problems they are currently encountering in this process.  

The problems present experienced by the participants in the market.

Our market research shows that the participants in the market are experiencing problems in the following areas:  a lack time and resources; potential legal liability; lack of know-how; pressures to get tenders issued; and money utilised in a full and an appropriate manner; limited visibility of the tendering process; management the work-stream application process.

How will it meet these problems?

OK-tender by giving instant notification of irregularities;  maintaining a database of previous tenders/ participants; and implementing background and credential check will implement visibility, and thus aid the solution of issues linked with the miss-management and non-utilisation of funds.

OK-tender via its automated tender application, drafting, work stream notification, compiler, evaluator, administrator, service and its user-friendly and accessible pool of candidates and tender briefers will allow for a reduction of costs of management in the tender process for all participants and increase revenue income. Primarily, as by facilitating the management of the tender process and putting its skills at the disposal of all tender participants it will boost the effective and efficient running of the PON tenders.

How will OK-tender makes money.

To get our app going and used we want it to be free to use, for all. The app will make money from tender briefers, via a 2.5% commission on all tenders that are either published, drafted, or evaluated (administrated) through it. The app will make money from tender applicants via 2.5% commission for all tenders that are applied, through it.  The app will make money for its credential check and background check of both participants and briefers with a £ 65.00 flat fee. The app will make money from NGOs and GOs thanks to donations and facilitations it will receive from them for its aid in the better utilisation of EU funds and increased visibility of the tendering process it implements.  OK-Tender will also make money from the public at large via advertisements and the lease of its IP licenses.


Is the app needed?

Market research shows that no other app and/or body provides a comparable service.

How will you ensure payment is made?

Via pay pal.

Will there be any add-ons?

We will have premium accounts. These accounts that will offer increased aid in the, regulation, brief and application of tender process, via the provision of consultancies.

How will the app develop?

We aim to develop Ok-Tender into a global service for the brief, supervision and application to tenders.

Why are you so sure it will work?

We have contacted consultants in the area, and they have advised us that the product is disruptive.

How will you get the app marketed?

We market it by word of mouth, advertisements, and demonstrations and by convincing key market players to adopt our service.

How will you keep the app up to date with the latest tender information and briefs?

We will employ two full-time staff and utilise part-time employees for high season.

How will you convince NGO/GOs to back the plan?

We will convince them via direct/indirect petitioning and demonstration that OK-tender will increase visibility in the PON tenders.