'Makey Makey' way for the future!

A set of Makey Makey's will blow open the possibilities of learning in the classroom!

'Makey Makey' way for the future!
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Number of students that will benefit: Approximately 200 children.

Age of students: 5-11 years old.

% eligible for Free School Meals: 5.1%

oakham C of E Primary School

We are a Church of England school based in the county of Rutland and have recently been rated as GOOD in ALL areas in our latest OFSTED inspection.

We would like to buy a class set of Makey Makey's (x30, one each or one between two for 2 classes to use) in order to boost the learning of computing in our lessons.

our project

To put it simply, our technology is out-dated. But our support team works their hardest to keep things ticking and our teaching staff are fantastic at finding the best ways to teach computing in our classrooms with what we have.

The children deserve the best learning experiences we can give them, but how will a Makey Makey help?

Makey Makey is a piece of kit designed to help children create something physical that interacts with technology. Interesting projects include musical instruments, controllers or games etc, all of which can be programmed using Scratch or really, any other computer program you can think of.

Fun items that can be used to create something that they can 'plug' into a device include fruit (bananas are a popular choice), play-doh, tin foil, coins, people (yes, actual humans!) or it can be as simple as drawing onto a piece of paper with a pencil and attaching it up. If it creates a circuit, it'll work!

Now, I'm not a huge fan of saying that any technology is 'future-proof' but here are some reasons on why Makey Makey's in schools are a solid investment:

  • The technology is 'universal' meaning that it is compatible with all devices it can be plugged in to, even iPads. It will be recognised as an 'input device' such as a keyboard and is it up to the user to simply create the input. As long as keyboards are being used in today's world, Makey Makey's will always be useful!
  • Cross curricular - Makey Makey's are not just limited to Scratch or computing lessons for that matter, children have made Numeracy and Phonics programs that allows another pupil to count money or recognise sounds by touching coins or writing words on a piece of paper. It's fun to imagine that one of our own could possible create the next big app!
  • 'Digital Making' and 'Physical Computing' are two areas of the computing curriculum (revised in 2013/14) which are challenging to teach without the correct equipment, this will allow us to broaden the learning experience for our pupils who are already extremely well-versed in computer programming. It's time we stepped up our game!


30 x Makey Makey @£39.99


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