Olivia's Volunteering in Bali!!

2 weeks volunteering with the Bali Sport Foundation, helping run events for disabled athletes.

Olivia's Volunteering in Bali!!
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About the trip & charity

 The Bali Sports Foundation is an Indonesian based charity that works to improve the lives of persons with disabilities in Indonesia by using the power of sport and play for development, health and peace. Through Team Brunel Abroad a group of students from Brunel University London will be fundraising to support the work of the foundation, and will be partaking in a 2 week trip to volunteer on Bali Sport Foundation projects. Each student will be raising funds to contribute to the cost of the trip and to enable the Team Brunel Abroad project to make a donation to the Bali Sports Foundation to support their future work. 

So in June 2019, I'll be travelling to Bali to assist with the BSF, a charity formed to support and help disabled athletes and children in Bali, Indonesia. During the trip I'll be assisting with BSF's Para and Boccia Games and Bali 4's Wheelchair Rugby.

Their Vision- to create a healthier and safer Indonesia through the power of sport and play.

How- by providing safe and supportive sports environment which can provide disabled youth with a place in which they are treated with dignity and through which they can:

  • Develop new and valued skills
  • Form friendships, receive and give peer support, and enhance their social networks
  • Receive mentoring support from trusted adults, who can serve as youth advocates
  • Take advantage of new learning and educational opportunities
  • High level training through volunteer coaches and mentors in adaptive sports
  • Train the trainers program for the disabled sports centres
  • Identify promising talent and provide them with life skills
  • Assisting the disabled to enhance their lives through sport and recreational opportunities
  • Assisting the disabled to maximise their overall health outcomes

why I want to help?

I am a firm believer that sport changes lives. I feel particularly passionate about increasing disability and female participation in all types sporting activity, particularly in Bali where the development has only just begun. The admiration I hold for disabled athletes through the barriers which they overcome, is illustrated through Vicki Spencer's poem, 'A Dedication to Disabled Athletes' https://youtu.be/CktPH-HYyxQ?list=UU1FV573yefSX3M9ViK7AufA

Where will the money go?

All participating students will be expected to raise a minimum of £1000 above their travel costs to donate to the foundation, and any surplus will be added to the total donated to the foundation.

 In the case that any student is not able to reach their fundraising total or is unable to travel with the group for any reason, funds already raised through this platform will be donated to the foundation, minus any costs already incurred.

Approximate funding breakdown:

£1000 Charity donation

£350 accommodation (bed and breakfast) and group airport transfers

£600 return flights

£100 2 day bike ride

*If any of the above costs come in at less than the estimated price, then the remaining funds will be donated to the Bali Sports Foundation.

help us succeed!

Please if you could donate, it would make such a difference and would be greatly appreciated. Please also feel free to share the page amongst those who feel as though they could donate to help the cause.

                                                      thank you!