On the Brink

A young woman, in a dangerous and unfamiliar forest must overcome spiritual trials to get home.

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We're trying to raise £300 to get our little film off the ground!

On the Brink is a short film about a young girl who wakes up in an unfamiliar forest, only to be greeted by an unnerving supernatural threat. Her efforts to escape lead her to all manner if spiritual beings, each of whom have the authority to determine her fate.

Who r u?

I'm a third year film student at Bristol UWE, who is so determined to make her first film a success. Along with a fabulous team, all itching to get this film made.

Why should you care?

This is my first, possibly only, opportunity to make my own film .

I am writing, directing and editing the film so it really is a passion project, all the more reason why it would be so incredible if you could help me achieve it.

This film's core lies in a part of our lives that we have all at some point gone through. Feeling lost.

Our leading character, Eddie, is in that awkward stage of her life where she is stuck between being a teenager and an adult.  Dropping out of sixth form has left her feeling out of the loop with her friends and unable to find a decent job. Growing anxious and depressed this film takes a surreal look at the struggle she faces.

Important to note:

  • I am a first time director - #womeninfilm!
  • We want to showcase all manner of Welsh talent, both on screen and off.
  • This film is a uniquely dramatic and theatrical exploration of those lost feelings we have all felt.
  • Your support will really boost our prospects after graduation. Our final year projects are invaluable at this stage and it is really important that we put as much work as possible into them!

Where will the money go?

If we hit minimum target we can pay for:

  • The Campsite , where we can eat/get warm during the day and sleep during the night.
  • Props and Costumes , that really bring this film to life - medieval dresses, theatre masks, supernatural creatures.
  • Food , that cast and crew need to have - food equals good morale!
  • Travel , we gotta get to Wales!

If we hit maximum target we can pay for:

  • Festivals and Screenings , which are really great exposure for starting out filmmakers.
  • Travel to the Festivals and Screenings , up and down the country.
  • Actor Payment , student films ask a lot of actors who agree to put themselves out there for free so if given the opportunity we would love to repay them.

We'll give regular updates and fun things to engage with through our social media pages noted below!


I am so excited about the rewards. We want to offer:

  • A digital copy of the film!
  • A couple of badges with our logo and graphics printed on them.
  • A unique sew-on patch design of Eddie... standing on the brink.
  • And a pyjama top with the "ON THE BRINK GAVE ME NIGHTMARES" logo on the breast.


where is she?


Find us on Facebook , Twitter , Instagram and even Tumblr where you can follow Eddie's personal blog and get to know a bit more about her life. You might never know what you might find out..

Help us do this!

  • If you can't donate at this moment that's cool, but it would be so exciting if you could help us get the word out :)
  • Tell friends and family what we're trying to achieve, share this link online, spread the word, call a town meeting, get everyone and their cat involved! We really need it!
  • If you can donate just know that we are eternally grateful and so ready to give you the best, most bizarre film you'll have seen all year!

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You can choose between our three cute badge designs or a sew-on patch of our main character Eddie, standing on the brink.. Leave us a note when ordering this reward to let us know which one!

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The AWESOME pyjama t-shirt with "ON THE BRINK GAVE ME NIGHTMARES" graphic printed onto it. Guaranteed to not only look good but also protect you from things that go bump in the night - worth it.

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ON THE BRINK BUNDLE. Exclusive digital copy of the film, badge set, sew-on patch, the pyjama top AS WELL as that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you've really done something good today. Thank you so much for your contribution, we're ridiculously grateful.

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