A Woodland Classroom for OrganicLea

Creating more space for nature-based learning and food growing skills

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This project received pledges on Sun 30 Sep 2018

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3 Oct 2018
Vernon Ford

Well done everyone. Hope the project goes from strength to strength.

30 Sep 2018
Saul Budd

Good luck reaching your next goal!

30 Sep 2018
Guy Dehn

Yay. Well done all. May the woodland classroom price to be yet more successful than this fundraising.

30 Sep 2018
Clare Brass

Awesome!! Well done to you all.

30 Sep 2018
Bryony Middleton

Thanks Organiclea! Such a wonderful community of inspiring people and work! Learning from you helped me make the change from deskbased work to now being the Gardener at an organic estate managing 10 acres!

30 Sep 2018
Catriona Early

I adore Organiclea and the underlying ethos. Good luck!

30 Sep 2018
Mary Adshead

I wanted to contribute because ...you are doing such amazing good healing work for our planet, thank you very much

29 Sep 2018
Rachel Grasby

Good luck Organiclea - a wonderful addition to your fantastic site to help enrich more lives and soil!

29 Sep 2018
Laonikos Psimikakis Chalkokondylis

Go OrganicLea, can't wait for my son to grow up and visit the outdoor classroom :)

29 Sep 2018
Jo Bean

OrganicLea - you make the world a better place, good luck getting over that final hurdle to reach your target.

28 Sep 2018
Helen Muggeridge

Looking forward to seeing the classroom- sounds wonderful xx

28 Sep 2018
Simone Coetzee

Looking forward to seeing the woodland classroom in action!

27 Sep 2018
Stephanie Carrabine

Good luck with the classroom everyone

26 Sep 2018
Lorraine Groom

A very worthwhile project. Donation made in memory of Suzi Jerrold.

26 Sep 2018
Clare Richards

Don't post anything to me – I can pick up the bag next time I'm at Hawkwood or whenever it is that they're available: saves on the stamp!

25 Sep 2018
David Cassar

Good luck I really hope this project ‘gets off the ground’ !

24 Sep 2018
Caroline Teunissen

Good luck with your project!

24 Sep 2018
Roy Stephenson

Good luck

24 Sep 2018
Spjw Richards

Good Luck and happy growing....

23 Sep 2018
Daphne Duval

All the best with this project, you are doing such an awesome job!

19 Sep 2018
Kris De Meyer

Good luck!

19 Sep 2018
Helen Mccormack

Good luck!

14 Sep 2018
Richard Harris

This sounds like a damn good project.

26 Aug 2018
Kate Masters

Branching out into a woodland classroom...what could be better!

23 Aug 2018
Peter Wensley

Fantastic idea

8 Aug 2018
Mel Strickland

I'm really pleased to support this project and Organiclea.

8 Aug 2018
Katriye Ibrahim

Happy to support and help out. 💚

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Come and celebrate the successful completion of the Woodland Classroom at an opening ceremony.

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Estimated delivery: 1 March 2019

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A beautiful 'What's in your Salad Bag' tea towel made from organic cotton woven by a women's cooperative and printed with environment friendly inks. It will also help you identify your salad leaves!

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Get your hands on one of our first-ever OrganicLea totebags. Excellent for carrying your fruit and veg, and for starting conversation!

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Dinner for four at Eat17 - organic, local and delicious fare in the heart of Walthamstow.

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A date with an OrganicLea grower - a tailor made consultation at your garden or allotment with one of our lead growers at Organiclea.

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Dinner for two at Vegwells Vegan Supperclub - an initiative of Tredwells' Marcus Wareing and Chantelle Nicholson. Includes tasting menu, matching wines and signed copy of Chantelle Nicholson's book Planted

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ROVI, the latest Ottolenghi restaurant, and customer of ours, has given us 2 meals for 2 people for anyone who donates £250 or more to our Woodland Classroom. We hope this tickles your taste buds!

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Artist Dan Hillier, is creating a unique artwork, Origin, for our Woodland Classroom campaign. Origin, is a stunning artwork about wildness, nature and human experience, just like our Woodland Classroom!

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Free fruit and veg for a year! Eat the seasons with a subscription to our delicious and local box scheme and share in the harvest with your friends and family at home. Available in Waltham Forest only. Don't live in the borough? Donate your veg, or pick another prize.

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Estimated delivery: 1 November 2018