Oswald's Stop-Motion Animation Film Set

Help me make my story and ideas come to life with materials to build a stop-motion film set!

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Completion Date: Wed 15 May 2013

The Video above is a stop-motion animation, from two years ago, to give you an idea of the work I create. Having developed my design skills greatly since, I hope my future work will be more advanced and professional.


My project

I have written my own script which I want to base this project around. I want to film the script as a stop-motion animation. I aim to design and build one of the sets and the characters from one scene in my script, with the intention of building the rest of the sets and completing the animation next year.

The animation is about a young performer called Oswald, who lives in an old far away, secluded town, drained of love and hope, and full of misery. All he wants to do is make people smile again by entertaining them. Sick of trying to improve his skills and failing to entertain people, Oswald wishes for everything to be different! When plunged into a unique world of  performance, laughter and mystery, will this be the place he has always dreamed about, or should Oswald have been careful what he wished for?

From my script idea about the set I have chosen to make for this project, is the old miserable town centre where he performs.


When will I exhibit the film?

In June 2013, our university hosts a degree show exhibition. The exhibition is open to the public, and my set, characters and the film I make will all be on show.


How will I spend the funds?

As this is my final 'major project', I want to make it my most professional work. I hope to enter the final animation into film festivals and competitions. Unfortunately, to achieve this, expensive materials are needed. This is where sponsorship would really help me out. I really want to show my off my creative skills, the talent and imagination I have, so hopefully I will one day be living the dream of working in the stop-motion animation industry!

Please help me create an amazing and detailed stop motion set!


Card mock-up of town centre