A Nepali Dream: To Oxford & Beyond

Crowd funding my 1 year masters in law and finance at the University of Oxford

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Hello, everyone! Namaste from Nepal.

Hope you all are doing great.

My name is Kailash Panday . I am a chartered accountant and a corporate lawyer based in Kathmandu, Nepal. I have been practicing law in Nepal for over a year now after completing the bachelor of laws (graduated in top 0.5%) from the Campus Law Centre, University of Delhi.

In early March this year:

I got an offer from the University of Oxford to study for MSc Law and Finance (" the Oxford MLF ") course. I am the first Nepali to get on offer for this course (based on limited information I have) and if everything goes well (i.e. if I receive your enough support and generosity) will be the first Nepali to attend the MLF Program. Besides representing Nepal and adding diversity to the already diverse Oxford crowd, I wish to make positive and impactful contributions to the course and my fellow classmates by sharing the insights that I have gained through my understanding and experience in law and finance over the last 10 years.

In addition to the world-class reputation of Oxford, the MLF program offers me this exciting opportunity to explore the interplay of law and finance with access to faculties and support from both the Law Faculty as well as the Said Business School . The MLF course offers me this unique platform to logically conclude my academic journey that I set out in almost ten years ago before entering into the practical world of law and finance.

The Campaign

While I am very very excited about the offer, I am in this predicament that I do not have the money required to attend the course ( please read until the end for the reason ) and also have not been able to secure any scholarship or financial aid from the University of Oxford. And I was initially disappointed because this was the only reason why I applied to the Oxford in the first place.

I would have been happy to obtain loans from banks or financial institutions to fund my studies at Oxford but am not able to do as neither my family nor I have the requisite assets to furnish the collateral to obtain the loan. I had also reached out to Prodigy Finance , which enables financing to international post-graduate students without the requirement of a collateral or co-signer but unfortunately as of now it does not support the Oxford MLF program. So, I hereby request them to please support this unique program as well.

But these setbacks has lead me to this wonderful opportunity to reach out to you all seeking your generosity to help me realize my dream of attending the MLF program at Oxford. The amount of money I need to raise is huge and this had been giving me cold feet to actually start this campaign but continuous support and suggestions from some of the people I have reached out to particularly Prof. Luca Enriques, who is the MLF Course Director at Oxford, have finally lead me to launch this crowd funding campaign. I need to raise £ 45,500, which will go towards the following:

I have already confirmed that I will be taking up my place and have paid the deposit of £4,320 to confirm my place. I managed the deposit money from my close friends within a matter of couple of days and I am pretty confident that with collective efforts we can raise the amount even though we do not have much time. I am required to submit a financial declaration by July 30 specifying that I do have the requisite funds in my bank to pay my fees and the living cost.

the idea to set up a scholarship fund

While I was researching about other funding opportunities, I was really surprised to discover that Nepal does not have any such external funding options besides a few foreign government scholarships. I believe Nepal should have more such opportunities because empowering youths through education is the only way forward, which I can tell from my own experience.

Therefore, I came up with this idea of setting up a need based ad hoc scholarship and the main reason why I started this campaign is not only for getting me to the Oxford but to make this scholarship a reality. After I complete my studies at Oxford (which of course is only possible with your help and contribution) I will set up a scholarship fund and over the years I will match every contribution that you make towards this campaign, to fund the scholarship. This need based scholarship will be focussed on empowering youths like me from Nepal or even other low income economies to study at Oxford so that they do not let go such life changing opportunities just because they did not have the money.

In addition to my commitment to set of the scholarship on my own, I am also offering you a small token of appreciation in form of additional rewards listed in the rewards section.

If you are not able to contribute my campaign here:

For those of you (particularly for people in Nepal/India) who is not able to contribute here because of online payment constraints, please drop a line at cakailash.llb@gmail.com or message me  on WhatsApp or Viber at +977-9807873599 and I will let you know how you can contribute to this campaign directly. Please connect with me and provide feedbacks, suggestions and spread the word so that we are able to reach out the maximum people possible.

About me and why I need your contribution:

I am adequately equipped by education and my prior experience to pursue a wonderful career in law and finance. Education has been a silent weapon of my transformation all along and empowered me to achieve what many would only dream for. I was born in a lower middle class family to a lower ranked army officer and a housewife in the hills of central Nepal. Education has always been a priority in my life and my family have always supported emotionally if not economically throughout my journey so far. I have been financially independent from the age of 18 since I moved to India in search of livelihood due to the uncertain political situation in Nepal.

At 21, I completed the chartered accountancy clearing all the exams in the first attempt that too simultaneously working with an audit firm. (The Indian chartered accountancy course is considered one of the toughest and most rigorous course in professional accountancy in the world.) With the £20 monthly stipend from my work at the audit firm, I was able to sustain in an expensive city like New Delhi. After completing chartered accountancy, joined Avery Dennison in the finance leadership development program . Since, I was always intrigued by how law has influenced the way we have conducted ourselves as a civilized society and also wanted to explore law in a deeper detail, I joined law at the University of Delhi after 1 year at Avery Dennison. Therefore I joined bachelor of laws at the University of Delhi and supported myself throughout all 3 years from my savings and income from various freelance project. I graduated in the top 0.5% in a class of over 2000 students across the university and was offered an associate position by a top corporate law firm in India.

However, I moved back to take care of my mother. She slipped into delirium failing to cope with the mental trauma after losing her life savings in the massive earthquake that struck Nepal on 21 April 2015. We lost our house and were forced to sell the land to meet her medical expenses. I currently make around £ 5,000 a year  (far less than what I would have made in India) which is sufficient for me and my family to live a decent life here in Kathmandu. However, neither me nor my family has the saving to cover the tuition fees and expenses for going to Oxford. Therefore, I am reaching out to you to help me move a little ahead in my life. I am a self-made man so far but I will need your support in this critical moment to make the most of this wonderful opportunity. I strongly look forward to going to Oxford and then return to Nepal to play a impactful role in leading my country towards stability and progress.

Your contributions irrespective of the amount will be hugely appreciated. I am so excited about this offer to study at Oxford (and with your help, become the first Nepali to attend the MLF program at Oxford) and look forward to your generosity. As Ronald Reagan once said " We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone."

AND with everyone's help, I strongly look forward to going to Oxford this September.

Thank you in advance for your time, consideration and contribution. I will be eternally grateful!

And here I jump :)

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I will host you at my home during your visit to Nepal and take you around major tourist attractions. :)

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