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To those of you who want to test out our brilliance before committing to a subscription then we'll send you the first issue to WOW you! Sadly this means that your access to the creative network is limited to that of the general public, but we are confident that you'll be so impressed that you'll want to find out more!

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With each issue of PAPER there will be a limited edition piece of art, print or a product produced by one of our creative collaborators available to buy on our website. We are offering you the chance to receive one of the first ever Limited Edition Pieces, along with the first issue, to say thank you for your valuable support!

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Not only will you receive the magazine, like a little present of pure beauty and excellence, arriving at your door every quarter, but subscription will give you full access to the website. Allowing you to view the most talented people in the area, to benefit from their inspiring ideas and contact the best of the best to potentially work with/for you! We make searching for the best creative minds, with the right skills, easy!

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For all you collector-types out there, who want the limited edition to go with your subscription to complete the package (we know we would!): this little gem allows you to combine the benefits of a Year's Subscription with the bonus of the first ever Limited Edition Piece. Get it whilst it's hot!

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For giving so generously and supporting creative talented people in Bristol, we will advertise you or your local creative business within our first issue. Not only this, but we will also give you a year's free subscription with access to the network. Thank you, you lovely people!

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If you can see as much potential in our project as we can see in the creative city of Bristol, then support us in funding the print of the first issue. In return for such a generous contribution we would take great pride in presenting a double page spread advertising your creative business, telling the streets of Bristol how you played an important role in getting PAPER into the hands of the public, gaining instant respect from the artists and creative readers for supporting local talent by giving them a platform to get noticed. Not only will this gain you this respect direct from your desired market of creative minds but you will have our eternal gratitude for believing in us. Thank you.

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