Philanthrobeats & WSFT Destitution Documentary

A collaborative community arts project between Philanthrobeats and The World Spirit Forum Theatre

Philanthrobeats & WSFT Destitution Documentary
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Who we are 


Philanthrobeats is a student-run organisation that hosts music & arts events in Glasgow, with all proceeds going to varyious charities, both local and worldwide.  Having raised over £5000 over the past 11 months, we have also acquired many volunteers with different skill-sets.  To help utilitise these skills we are now thrilled to enter into our first collaborative project with The World Spirit Forum Theatre.


World Spirit Forum Theatre 

The World Spirit Forum Theatre consists of a diverse range of volunteers who produce educational plays based on issues asylum seekers face, and perform them in local arts venues & schools.  The group mainly consists of asylum seekers & refugees, which serves both therapeutically and as a method to educate others on an important and often overlooked issue, like destitution.


What we're going to do 

We plan to fund the World Spirit Forum Theatre's work for the next four months, allowing them to continue travelling around Scotland teaching school children about destitution.  The money will also be used to produce a documentary about destitution which will be produced by both Philanthrobeats & World Spirit Forum Theatre volunteers.  


Why we need funding

Although all members of both organisations are volunteers, many are either living on meagre support or are destitute.  Part of the money will go towards funding transport to different performance locations and food for those who need it.  The rest will go towards the cost of producing the film.


Money Isn't Everything

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