Help pay my Agroecology and Food Security tuition fees

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Help pay my Agroecology and Food Security tuition fees
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Completion Date: Sat 10 Sep 2016

Help me to do my Agroecology and Food Security Masters

I'm trying to raise £6970 to pay my Agroecology and Food Security tuition fees. I'm studying this course, because I feel that to help stop the climate crisis developing sustainable agricultural systems are very important. Over the past few years I have been learning about permaculture, but we need more than one way of developing sustainable methods of growing food and ensuring resilience to climate change. As for the past few years I have been working on gaining permaculture knowledge and working on organic farms - last year I earned only about  £5000 in total, which makes it hard to pay for my course.

A little about me

I'm a 26 year old man from England.  I am passionate about food, people, fairness and the health of our planet.  If you share these passions you'll understand why I'm vegan and looking to help to produce good quality reliable food that doesn't cost the earth (in more than one sense of the word).

I studied biological sciences at university.  Whilst I completed my degree there was no real spark to it for me, so I did other things including climate activism and ended getting involved in permaculture after doing an unpaid permaculture internship. I realised that the best way to persuade people and groups about sustainable agricultural systems would be to do this masters. I'm also currently doing a permaculture diploma which I hope will fit in nicely with the masters. Having travelled around Europe and been nomadic in the UK for a while I am capable of being very frugal and not wasting money as my yearly income has been very low for the past few years. As I care about the welfare of animals and that of the planet I am a vegan. I also like to run, cycle and keep fit. I also do a bit of performance poetry in my spare time.

Why am I doing all this?

I'm going to be studying the Agroecology and Food Security masters at Coventry University because this course has really grabbed my attention. Also, I feel that if we are to have any chance of having a liveable planet in the future we need sustainable agricultural systems and this course will help me to help others to achieve that. This will help me to make a future career doing something I love and is good for others and the environment - a win all round I think.

There are links between permaculture, agroecology and decisions made by both people in power and those growing and buying food.  I want to be part of the movement that helps to heal the environment whilst feeding us.  Currently climate change is reaching a crucial stage where a point of no return looks increasingly likely. That is why I want to have an impact and play my part sooner rather than later, undertaking a full-time not a part-time course; there's no time to loose!  Not everyone has the time for these studies so I will share my knowledge about sustainable food production with others through publication of research, eco-activism and talking to others such as through my blog.

Industrial agricultural giants control a lot of agricultural research and thus it is necessary to have independent research that that looks out for the interests of both people and planet. By funding this study you will help to support someone who is passionate about finding and promoting agricultural systems that work with the planet and give cheap nutritious food to all that need it. As a vegan I also intend to explore the alternatives to animal based agricultural systems.

A quick breakdown of costs

The tuition fees are £6970

Cost of rent and bills for 12 months assuming £350 pm £4000

Annual cost of living £3000 assuming £60 per week

Money from student loan £7,000

Expected shortfall= £6970

    What will I offer you as rewards?

    If you give me more than £100 I will keep you up to date with how my course is going and send you links to the latest updates in agroecology
    If you give me more than £500 I will design your garden, land or project using the permaculture design skills that I already have.

    If you give me more than £1000 I will write you a poem or a short story on a topic of your choice and do all of the above

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