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Mcdougalls Prayer Hall

Help renovate the Muslim Prayer Hall on campus for the benefit of our students & the local community

Mcdougalls Prayer Hall
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This project received pledges on Thu 06 Jun 2019

Redeveloping McDougalls Prayer Hall

We are raising £20,850 to make McDougalls Prayer Hall a clean, fresh and inviting place for students to come and worship in comfort, which will make it a place of welcoming.

Who are we?

The Islamic Society, one of the largest societies on campus, is working alongside the Muslim Chaplain, Mohammed Ullah (mohammed.ullah@manchester.ac.uk), to help create McDougalls into a hub for Muslim Students on campus. We, the Islamic Society, work alongside other faith institutions, as well as community and voluntary organisations throughout Greater Manchester. This includes institutions such as the British Muslim Heritage Centre and Khizra Mosque.

Our story

This the first time the McDougalls Prayer Hall will be renovated in fifteen years, which shows the dire need of care for the prayer hall.

McDougalls Prayer Hall is used by thousands throughout the week making it a hub for the Muslim students on campus, as well as the wider local community. It is currently used as a place of worship, learning and socialisation amongst the Muslim student community and is known as an ideal location for various activities such as educational talks and knowledge circles, food preparation for Feed the Homeless events and unwinding and relaxing after a long day of university. This prayer hall attends to the needs of students in a holistic way as it is used as a safe space for those who may be afflicted by various hardships, e.g. academic anxiety, familial problems and wider relationships issues, as well as those who are looking for more guidance. In the wider the community, the prayer hall is used by staff, students and visitors to The University of Manchester.

Due to the many uses the beloved prayer hall has and the thousands of people that use this space, McDougalls has faced significant wear and tear over the years. The building is loved deeply by the Muslim students on campus and it saddens us to see the condition of our beloved prayer hall deteriorating. We use this as a place where we seek to grow closer to our religion and to keep ourselves in the company of the righteous. McDougalls Prayer Hall is all we have to get us through the tumultuous era of university and student life. In a time of ever-increasing trials, having this support network is more important now than ever before.

By donating to this worthy cause, your money will be used to completely renovate McDougalls Prayer Hall and transform it into a place which welcomes students and helps them in their journey of life. This prayer hall has been in use for at least fifteen years, with your help we can keep it running for many more years in the future inshaAllah (God willing).

Where will the money go?

If we hit our target of £20,850 then your generously donated money will be spend on various aspects of renovation of the prayer hall:

• Replacing the prayer carpets in the entirety of the building (£16,000)

• Replacing the mouldy and unsuitable carpet in the entrance of the prayer hall (£4,000)

• Renovating the women's side to make it more comfortable, as well as practical, so the Imam can be seen when he is leading the prayer (£850)

If things really take off and we raise more than our target then the extra funds will be used to create a Student Hub on the first floor of the men’s area and the social room of the women’s area. This will include:

• Furniture

• Books for a library

• Activities

• Desks and chairs

• Food for Iftaar

• Replacing the sound system

• Educational materials

We will update all of our donors on progress the crowdfunding campaign and during the renovation project. When the work is complete we will also invite all donors to the grand reopening of the prayer hall facilities and circulate a report about the breakdown of the costs for the project.


By donating, you will be directly involved in helping the lives of many Muslim students on campus. Now is the time to act and improve the state of our community hub. Charity starts at home and McDougalls Prayer Hall is our home. "Whoever builds a mosque, desiring thereby Allah’s pleasure, Allah builds for him the like of it in paradise.” [Sahih Bukhari]

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Thank you so much for taking the time to read our plea. We hope you will capitalise this opportunity to gain good deeds for yourself and bring goodness into our lives and your life. BarakAllahu feekum (may God bless you all). ‘Is there any reward for goodness, other than goodness?’ [Qur’an: chapter 55, verse 60].

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