Project PhD for Autoimmune Disease

Young South African Scientist looking to Fund Her PhD in the UK

Project PhD for Autoimmune Disease
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Completion Date: Sun 24 Feb 2019

Hi, my name is Georgia! 

Please can you help fund my PhD focused on improving the lives of those with Autoimmune Diseases.

I have been offered the opportunity to do this research at the Queen Mary University of London in collaboration with The Bart’s and The London hospital, as a result of: • My Masters in Synthetic Biology and Biotechnology with Distinction, from the University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom. • The volunteer work I am presently performing at the renowned Blizard Institute

My PhD Content

I will be researching Autoimmune Diseases (for example Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Behcet's Disease) which presently have no cure, only treatment options. This is a three year project, and the intention is to focus on biological therapeutics, which uses the body’s own defense mechanisms, i.e. antibodies, to fight disease. This is a rapidly growing industry with the potential to treat multiple conditions such as Autoimmune Diseases and even cancer. With this funding, you and I will make a difference with the research I will do. This page and any donors will be updated as more information is available.

My Journey

I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Genetics at the University of Pretoria, South Africa, including research on breast cancer, which enabled me to do my Masters in the United Kingdom. South Africa is a third world country with limited research opportunities in this field but would benefit from the results of it. My passion for this field resulted in me completing my Masters with distinction and being invited to volunteer at the Blizard Institute at Queen Mary University of London, which lead to the creation of this unique PhD opportunity.

My Passions

My research for my undergraduate degree stemmed from the fact that I had a grandmother with breast cancer, another with lung cancer and my grandfather had kidney cancer. In addition I am a member of a local UK charity; Octopuses for Preemies UK, where I make crochet octopuses which are soothers for premature babies.

Finances and Funding

Please help me raise to £18,000; £6000 per year for a three year PhD. I was self-funded for my Bachelors and Masters and I have exhausted this avenue of funding. I am gathering funds from part time work however being an international student restricts my working hours. • I have raised £10,000 through grants and part time work • I need to raise the remaining £6000 per year for my three year PhD o This brings the total to £18,000

How I will keep you Updated and Involved

I am looking to all of you to help me to achieve my dream. If you donate to my cause, I will send you regular emails to say hello and update you on how my course is going. You will also have the option of asking me any science-related question; my multiple degrees have covered a variety of subjects. If the question falls out of my area of expertise, I do have a great network of experts who may be able to help. I will be eternally grateful for any assistance, big or small!