An incomplete list of useful quotes for sixth form and university students

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Completion Date: Tue 31 Jul 2018

A short summary of your project

We have created quotebook  inspired by the annoying experiences we've had. Quotebook is designed to help sixth form and university students find import quotes for essays and dissertations. What the site aims to do is to make it easier to gain the quotes that you need, time which could be used to make your workload less stressful, or to help your mental and physical health by winding down or exercising. However you spend the extra time, it is likely to have a far more positive effect than scrolling the Web or paging though books to find just one quote.

If you like the idea of this and see yourself benefiting from it and see the potential then please do support it financially or simply share it on all your social media. Just to add, any financial support will be recognised with a contributors page on the website.

Where next?

We do not have a clear plan of action but, to put it bluntly, any money raised will be used for publishing the website once the prototype has been adapted, and then used for paying researchers to fill the site with initial quotes on key topics and from key individuals in all subject areas currently listed. The scope for expansion past that is based on the student community, contributing quotes and suggesting what needs improvement.