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Completion Date: Sat 13 Jun 2015

A short summary of your project

  • Access to  water , we believe is a human right. ROHR Southampton is raising money to give the children of Mutare Junior School the opportunity to have fresh clean water access via  a borehole in their school. 

  • Our goal is to raise £2500/ U$3685 to drill a borehole.

Who are you?

  • ROHR is a Non-Profit organisation concerned with the issue of human rights and democracy, internationally. It was started by Zimbabwean victims of human rights abuses and torture. ROHR has grown to have Charters in Zimbabwe, South Africa and United Kingdom as it continues to expand.

Your story         

  • Did you know that the current water and sanitation crisis in Zimbabwe places millions of residents at risk of water-borne disease? That's more than 5 years after cholera killed over 4,000 people and sickened 100,00. As a Zimbabwean & human rights activist i believe this is not right & that together we can change this.

  • ROHR believes in the global mission to bring about the respect of human rights, the rule of law and democracy. We advocate, defend and promote human rights in all countries through non-violent means. We firmly believe in human rights and basic freedoms to all peoples of the world as enshrined in international law.

  • If  you believe every child should have access to clean water, then help us  Give Mutare Junior High the chance to have a local borehole. It will allow the community to  tackle some of the health issues associated with poor sanitation & live healthier, happier lives

Where will the money go?

We're looking for £2500 to fund the drilling of a borehole.
  • if we are successful in meeting our initial target we will begin a 'borehole survey' to find the most appropriate place to  drill. Further we will initiate a full chemical water analysis of the borehole is obtained and the customer is provided with a cost to treat the water to meet current drinking water regulations. 

  • We have established communication with Bio aqua-vitae in bulawayo, A  borehole  drilling  company  who will begin working on this as soon as we put a 50% deposit

  • We are hoping things will really take off and if we raise more than your target we plan to use the extra finances in  digging even deeper to access more water & in the  supply and installation of well heads. The purpose built poly sump man hole chamber we install over the head of the borehole  will allow  easier access to the borehole and protect it from contamination.

  • We will give regular Monthly updates on the progress of our  fundraising & on the progress on the construction at  key

    Cost breakdown

  • Borehole drilling costs £220 

  • Casing of hole/ metre £220

  • Reaming of borehole/metre £220

  •  Submersible Pumps: £1294

  • Transport: £191

  • Hydrologist: £218

  • Pump protection: £136


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