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Imagination Station
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This project received pledges on Wed 25 Jul 2018


Number of students that will benefit: 522  (all children within our school and nursery set-up)

Age of students: 4 - 11

Percentage eligible for free school meals: 10%


Riverside Primary School is situated in the Riverside area of Stirling. There are currently 18 classes including 4 Gaelic Medium classes.  There are also 4 Autism Provision classes and a Nursery Class within the School. The school is situated in Forrest Road within the Riverside area of Stirling. We strive to maintain high standards and to be welcoming to all parents and carers, prospective parents and to the children who form our community. At all times we seek to establish a compassionate, caring and fair environment within which all pupils are valued and are given the opportunity to develop a positive image of themselves. At the same time, our pupils are expected to be polite, kind, to work hard and develop a growing sense of self-discipline and responsibility for their own learning.

Our vision is of a school in the heart of its community in a culture of initiative and collegiality in which learning is always the prime focus, ensuring a rich, motivating learning experience for all. Our greatest contribution is to be sure that in every classroom there is a teacher who cares that every day each child learns, grows and develops to the best of their ability in an ethos of enrichment.

The school seeks to work in partnership with parents as a means of enhancing the educational opportunity available to the children. We have an excellent working relationship with our Parent Council body.

  • Our School Values ( Ar luachan) (Gaelic translation beside)

Our School Aims are to: (Gaelic translation: San sgoil seo tha sinn a feuchainn ri)

  • To create a positive ethos whereby everyone in our school community is valued
  • To enable each child to develop their potential as successful learners, confident individuals,            responsible citizens and effective contributors
  • To promote our children’s health and wellbeing, encouraging self-esteem and a respect for diversity and fairness in life
  • To consult with children and build on partnerships with families, the community and other agencies to provide support for all
  • To respond to educational, social and environmental changes and support the continuing development of a learning community.

What do we want?

We want to transform an existing space into an 'Imagination Station' space where our students create, explore, develop and share their own ideas, demonstrating their critical thinking skills and even boosting self confidence. This will be a place for making, collaborating, learning and sharing through creativity, technology and learning.

We would like to be able to equip this space with resources in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) to provide hands on learning and help.

Who is this for?

This is for our whole school, to use across a range of subjects. We will be utilising the expertise of our digital leaders in the school, a group of children who already support younger classes in the use of ICT to support learning across the curriculum. All children from nursery to P7 would have the opportunity to use the 'Imagination Station'. This space will inspire student to gather, to create, to invent and to learn. Preparing all children with the required critical 21st century skills.

Why do we want it?

We want the 'Imagination Station' to empower all children to want to create, through a fantastic and engaging experience where they are able to build, create, explain, draw and demonstrate their abilities in a format that fits them. We are trying to give as many children opportunities for future work and life opportunities. The digital world is around us and more jobs in this field are opening daily and therefore children must aspire to become the next generation of innovators, designers, entrepreneurs and digital leaders to have the best opportunities of success in the future.


Total = £967.42 (incl. VAT & Delivery)

update! Stretch Goal:

Thank you to everyone who has helped us reach our target! We are now aiming to reach £2300 and purchase the following products:

Primo Toys Cubetto Playset | Screenless Coding Toy for Children Aged 3-6

£195.00 x 2 total £390

Ozobot Bit 2.0 Interactive Robot Dual Set

Incl. Tax: £84.49 x 3 total £253.47

Lego Tape Roll | 6 Rolls of Self-Adhesive Reusable Building Block Lego Strips Tape | Multi-Colour & Non-Toxic Silicone Lego Block Tape Toy | Blue Red Green Yellow White Purple

£15.99  x4 total £63.96

Agooding Children's 60 Inches Diameter Play Floor Mat Kids Toy Storage Bag Organizer For Lego Building Block Toys, Blue by Agooding

£8.99 x1 total £8.99

Strictly Briks Premium Rainbow Colored 6" X 6" Construction Base Plate 12 Pack - Compatible With All Major Brands

£17.99 x 2 total £35.98

MY 1000 Building Bricks

£11.99 x 5 total £ 59.95


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