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Help me fund my Master's in Creative Writing at Oxford University

Raising for Writing
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This project received pledges on Sun 31 May 2015

Hi, I'm Cressida, and I'm hoping to raise £6000  to help fund my Master's degree at Oxford University. I've been accepted to study for an MSt in Creative writing from September 2015, for two years, a course which will help me improve my writing and help me work towards my dream career as a writer. But I need your help!

Why help?

If you can help to fund me, you'll be helping to fund (what I believe is) one of the most important aspects of our culture: literature. To be exact, you'll be helping the creation of new literature. Novels, plays and poems help us to see the world differently, as well as providing the comfort of shared human experience. Literature makes life better, and I want to be a part of that. If you can help me, then you will be part of that too.

I don't come from a wealthy family, and although I've always had part-time jobs as a student (I've been a waitress, car-steward, brand promoter, the list goes on...) , I've used this money to pay for the cost of living during my undergraduate degree. £6000 might not seem like a lot to some people, but to me it seems like a very daunting amount, which I won't be able to find without your help.

What's my track record?

I studied English Literature at Durham University, and during that time was lucky enough to share my writing in many different ways:

- I was the author of Castle Theatre Company's Murder Mystery, a promenade play that was performed in Durham Castle in November 2013.

- I wrote the St Cuthbert's Society Christmas Pantomime in 2013 and 2014.

- I gave a reading of my poetry at St Cuthbert's Society Arts & Culture Week 2014 alongside poet and travel writer Christopher Somerville. 

- I was shortlisted in the Durham University English Society Creative Writing Competition 2015.

Where will the money go?

Tuition fees: £6000

Any amount that you can give will be an enormous help. If I could raise the full £6000 it would be enough to cover one year's study on the Master's Course. If things really take off and I raise more, then the money would help to fund the second year of the course and go towards the cost of living during my study. As it's a part time course, I hope that by working during the first year will help me save enough to pay for the second year.


I appreciate that if you're to help me, then you ought to get something in return. That's why I'm offering rewards, no matter what amount you're able to donate. I've harnessed my creativity to offer a range of personal, unique and handmade products that you won't find anywhere else.

Help me succeed!

If you are able to help, then I couldn't be more grateful. However, if you don't feel able to donate, then you can also help me by sharing this page on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, by email, with colleagues, friends, neighbours, and anyone you happen to meet in the street!

Please sponsor me and help make my dream a reality.