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Making the virtual a reality for Rotherfield

Help our school raise money for augmented and virtual reality to become a part of our curriculum.

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This project received pledges on Fri 30 Jun 2017

Key stats

Number of students on pupil premium at our school: 49%

Number of students this will benefit: 407

Age of students: 3 - 11 years


I'm raising £1,446 to buy 8 Virtual Reality headsets and 7 iPod Touches for my students. I would like to integrate the use of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technology across the curriculum as I feel it would open children’s eyes to a world beyond the classroom and create memorable and exhilarating experiences that have endless possibilities.

My students

Rotherfield Primary School is an extremely diverse and vibrant school in the London Borough of Islington. It is a large two-form entry school with a wide variety of children from differing backgrounds and cultures, which we celebrate and embrace. We have a shared commitment to making a difference to the lives and outcomes of our children as a direct result of being in our school.

"I love being at Rotherfield Primary School because we get to do lots of fun activities like using bee-bots to learn about programming." Amber - Pearl Class

My project

Incorporating VR and AR technology into the curriculum will enable teachers to bring lessons to life and students to fully immerse themselves in their learning by being virtually transported to a location they are learning about instantaneously. They will be able to create a truly tangible experience by placing themselves in the footsteps of people from the past, walking through the ruins of ancient civilisations, participating in an archaeological dig or even zooming in on the anatomy of the human body. Imagine the discussion, enthusiasm and excitement created when children are able to take part in memorable experiences such as this.

We have recently appointed 12 pupils to be ‘Digital Leaders’ after demonstrating their passion for computing whilst being interviewed for the role. Part of their job is to seek out new technology, such as VR and AR, and teach their peers and teachers, how to become competent users of this technology. The Digital Leaders were lucky enough to attend a ‘Celebration of Computing’ Event, at Emirates Stadium, where the children had the opportunity to see a variety of new apps and resources which can be used in the classroom. The children were thrilled when they got the opportunity to use VR headsets with Google Expeditions. The children were in awe of the new technology and wanted to be able to give other students in their school the opportunity to have the same experience. I think it would be a great opportunity for the Digital Leaders to take ownership of their learning and pass their knowledge and enthusiasm onto their peers by demonstrating how to use VR and AR technology to enhance lessons.

"If we had VR headsets it would make our learning a lot more exciting." Endrit - Tanzanite Class

This technology would have a beneficial impact not only in computing but across a range of curriculum topics such as history (through virtual field trips to a time period); geography (being able to walk through a location); science (virtually examining anatomy or biology); drama (role-playing being in a location) and literacy (writing a recount of a virtual trip they have taken). These are only a few of the many possible uses for both VR and AR technology.

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