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Sussex Eco-Racing

Sussex Eco-Racing is looking to run in two separate sustainability races and we need you!

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This project received pledges on Sun 26 May 2019

Sussex Eco-Racing in 30 seconds:

Sussex Eco-Racing is an exciting new project that reflects Sussex’s work to become one of the greenest Universities in the UK. For the first time ever, we are designing, building and racing two sustainable single-seat racing cars. One will be fully electric, the other solely powered by wind.

As these projects are part of our Master’s year, it would be too easy to just ‘be engineers and build cars’. So we’ve also been given the task of raising the money to cover the costs of the project and competition. As you can imagine, building cars (especially sustainable ones) is not cheap, and that’s why we need your help!

All the money raised in this campaign will be split equally between the two teams. You are not only helping to fund two fantastic cars, but you’re also supporting a group of dedicated and passionate students, in the final push towards the end of their degree.

Who are we?

Sussex PowerStorm - Wind Powered Vehicle

PowerStorm are racing in this years Aeolus Sustainability competition, where we will race a Wind Powered Vehicle. The team made up of 10 students and we are aiming to improve upon last year where, with the smallest budget, we finished 5th. We are hoping with your help we will be able to improve on this and see how far we can take all our efforts.

SAR Electric - Electric Formula Student Team

SAR Electric, short for Sussex Ain Shams Racing Electric is the first joint Class 1 electric team from the University of Sussex and Ain Shams University, Cairo. We are building a fully electric car to race at Silverstone, in July. With 12 students from Sussex, and 36 students from Ain Shams, we are not a small team! Aside from the advanced engineering skills required, the language barrier and the 3,000-mile distance between us is putting our communication and teamwork skills to the test.

Our story

This project was designed to promote sustainable transport by bridging the gap between two well-known competitions. With the widespread goal to stop the sale of all gasoline vehicles by 2040, this type of project could not have come at a better time. After almost 4 years of studying at university, we want to be able to say that we made a difference. With your help, we can. 

Where will the money go?

Where we direct your funding will depend on how much we are able to raise overall. To give you an idea of the total costs, however, we have included a full breakdown for each team below: 

Sussex PowerStorm:

Vehicle Body: ~£2,000

  • This is carbon fibre and fits around the chassis.

Individual Part Production: £50 - £500 (per person)

  • These are the ranging costs of individual part manufacturing.

Drivetrain: £450

Steering: £250

Wheels: £360

Tyres: £200

Brakes: £260

Other: £200.00

SAR Electric:

The motor and it's related parts: £3,000

  • For an electric vehicle, this essentially replaces the engine.

The battery, battery management system (BMS) and charger: £4,500

  • Purchased in cells, and built by our electrical engineers – risky stuff!

Protective clothing and equipment: £500

  • Safety is our main priority and we are unwilling to compromise, no matter the cost!

Drivetrain: £600

Steering, harness and seating: £400


Below you can find the rewards for any help you can provide us!

£5 - Feel good factor

£10 - Personalised thank you email (+ above) 

£25 - Signed images of the teams (+ above) 

£50 - Meet the teams (+ above) 

£100 - Sign the cars (+ above) 

£250 - Invitation to the launch party (+ above) 

£500 - Invitation to Silverstone 2019, personalised section on website (+ above)  

Images and video

Have a little look at some of our team photos!


SAR Electric!

Find us here!

PowerStorm socials:

Facebook: @SussexPowerStorm

Instagram: @sussex_power_storm

SAR Electric socials:

Facebook: @ saracingelectric

Instagram: @ sar_electric

LinkedIn: SAR Electric

Help us succeed!

If you are interesting in getting involved but are unable to donate, there are loads of ways you can help us!

  • Share this page and our Facebook/Instagram pages on your social media.
  • We can provide posters and brochures to display in shops/offices.  
  • Mention us to family and friends who are interested in cars, engineering or saving the environment!

Further Opportunities 

If you are interested in working with our teams, please feel free to contact: 

Jake Romay (Sussex Power Storm) – jjr29@sussex.ac.uk 

Elizabeth Olisa (SAR Electric) – eo227@sussex.ac.uk