Save our planet: Protect our water environment

Do your part to safeguard our planet by contributing to the prevention of water pollution

Save our planet: Protect our water environment
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Water for drinking, recreation and as aquatic habitat is being threatened by pollution in the form of wastewater. This research project aims to curtail the occurrence of improper discharge of this waste material into the water environment. Its results will contribute to ensuring the security of our water resource.  

Who are you?

My name is Ray Charles Dixon and I am an environmentalist and a conservationist. I have a very strong passion for the preservation of the earth's natural environment, and believe in the mitigation of rapid climate change due to global warming of which poor wastewater management is a factor. Additionally, I have been personally affected by the incidence of poor wastewater management.

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Your story

Good day all. I would like to make you aware of a groundbreaking research that aims to protect the earth’s water environment (rivers, beaches, seas, oceans, acquirers, etc.) from pollution. More than 60% of the world's wastewater treatment systems do not perform efficiently at all times. Wastewater treatment systems that do not work properly, is a major source of hydrospheric contamination: water for drinking, recreation and as aquatic habitat is under threat. The objective of the research is to find out what causes these treatment works (in different parts of the world, including the Caribbean) not to be fit for purpose and to determine the solution to this problem. This study is a precursor to a research on the development of a template to curb and ultimately stem, the occurrence of non-functioning wastewater treatment systems. I therefore commend to you for your patronage this research, that is not only geared towards saving the planet’s waterways, but the entire environment. 

The research will be undertaken at a renowned university in the UK and all patrons of this research will be acknowledged. I am happy to discuss this research further with you, as well as your donations (directly or through those who have made you aware of this study) so that you can be appropriately recognized. There is also the option of donating directly to the university's account. 

Thanks for viewing.  

Where will the money go?

The money being requested will go towards paying tuition fees, research cost and maintenance. 

The money requested will provide funding for two years of research.


All donors will be acknowledged for their contribution.

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The success of this study is important for the planet, as it will pave the way for the creation of a template to prevent poor discharge of wastewater.

Hence the fruition of this study will serve to significantly reduce and ultimately eliminate one source of planetary pollution.