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Help the next generation of South Dakota lawyer leaders by updating chairs and furniture

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USD School of Law alumni stand up for clients and their communities as practicing lawyers, judges, business and political leaders across South Dakota and the United States. But before they can stand, they need a place to sit. Chairs and other furniture in our library, student offices and courtroom have been worn down and need replaced. This campaign lets all of us help save a seat for a future South Dakota leader!


Since 1901 USD has been South Dakota's Law School. It provides resources to South Dakota's federal, state and tribal court systems. It also rains most of the practicing lawyers across South Dakota. USD School of Law Graduates have also provided service and leadership in business, politics and communities. The history of South Dakota has been written by USD Law graduates and the future must be too.

refurnishing old spaces

Office furniture is not always exciting, but it is always necessary. The chairs, desks and study carrels throughout the law school provide students a place to study, operate student organizations, participate in co-curricular activities (like Law Review and Trial Team), host outside speakers and guests like the South Dakota Supreme Court, make friendships that last a lifetime and do the daily hard work of studying the law.

With all this use, furniture wears out. The furniture here has been used and loved for a long time in most spaces. Because of the use, these chairs and spaces are no longer functional. Any lawyer or judge knows that having a good work space is an important start for good work.

The law school has been creative to find ways to refurbish it's spaces. The ADR board office was refurbished by obtaining carrels that the Beacom School of Business no longer needed when it restructured space to host its stock trading lab. We are re-carpeting the courtroom with existing funds and using extra carpet from the redesign of the bookstore. The Class of 2020 is donating student raised funds to buy chairs for a jury box being built in the courtroom. Even though we have made small improvements in our building, we do not currently have a solution for every need. To replace all the chairs that have just been worked to death, we need help. By investing in an office chair, or two, you can help save a seat for a law student who will grow into one of South Dakota's next lawyer leaders. 


Although there is a need for a couple types of seating across the law school, you can think of each chair as costing $300 and we have about 100 chairs to replace. There are some tables and carrels to redo as well, and some tables in the Williamson Room where the Supreme Court and Eighth Circuit don their robes and meet when they sit at the law school. So think about giving a student a place to sit and study. Or a few students.

  • One chair for a student: $300
  • Enough chairs for all the members of a moot court competition team: $1000
  • A bureau to store the robes for the Supreme Court Justices: $500

Help us save seats!

Just like when you go to the movies, to save enough seats for all your friends, you need more than one person. You don't have to give in order to help! Talk to your classmates and friends about helping to save seats for law students. Even if you can't save a seat yourself, you can ask friends to do so.

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