Saving H - Short Sci-Fi Eco Film

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This project received pledges on Tue 20 May 2014


Hey everyone, thanks for taking the time to check-out our film!
We’re a small group of film students working in New Zealand at Massey University. Our crew of 12 has been working hard for the last 6 weeks to really get this project ready to blow you away.

The film is a post-apocalyptic style film, but we decided to stay away from the usual “nuclear fallout” or “zombie apocalypse” explanation. Instead, we wanted to actually target an important topic: pollution.

This film is an example of where the world could end up if we continue on our current path. At the same time though, this film is a film about hope, and the hope is that it reminds viewers that it’s never too late to save something precious.

FUNDING Of course we’re trying to do this on the smallest budget possible, as we’re students. However, we still want this film to look professional and we plan on submitting to film festivals throughout the world. Despite our best efforts, we’re still looking at a pretty large budget that will be tough for us to foot the bill for. We’re building our own costumes, our own props, and everyone is working for free. But we still need money for renting our equipment, studio space, transportation, and film festival submission fees. All of this adds up.

So, we’re reaching out to all of you. If you like the idea, and you want to be a part of the creation of this fantastic project, then please help us out! Any amount helps! Hell, you might even end up in the credits of the film!