Send Alex To Glasgow School of Art

Please help me to cover my fees and survive during a year of MLitt Fine Art Printmaking

Send Alex To Glasgow School of Art
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What's happening?

In March this year I was accepted to MLitt Fine Art Practice (Printmaking) at Glasgow School of Art. 

Glasgow is one of the most prestigious art schools in The UK, so I won't let a little bit of poverty keep me from attending. I've been in love with Glasgow since my first visit to see a few exhibitions, a couple of years ago. Getting accepted to GSA is pretty much a dream come true. 

During my time there I intend to make full use of the seminars and tutorials to develop a tighter conceptual framework to continue pushing my practice forward once the course ends. The course is one full year (September '15- September '16), the goal being to push as much tuition into a single year course as possible. 

Why do I need money? 

Tuition is expensive, this one year course costs almost £5,800. Over the past two years, I have saved just about enough through work to cover this, but only this. 
When I am in Glasgow I will need to survive, but more importantly, I will need to be able to buy materials. 
Printmaking paper doesn't come cheap, and I'll need plenty of it. 
The course is run intensively, so I will be working double overtime in the studios and workshops. So although I intend to find part-time work, I won't have enough available hours to fully support myself. 


The important part. What am I going to offer in exchange for your hard-earned cash?

Rather than offer to cook you dinner, or take you on a tour somewhere, I think it would be much better to offer physical evidence of your generosity. As well as serving as a reminder of what a great person you are, these pieces will hopefully be sound investments. By helping me out now, you will be giving me the chance to develop my career as an artist. It only seems right for you to own a piece of what you would be supporting. 

Handmade Postcard

These will be created using a technique that I've developed over the past few years using rollers. Each postcard is unique, and will include a message of deepest gratitude on the back. (These will not be delivered in the classic postcard style, as I doubt they would survive the Royal Mail) 

Small Limited Edition Lino Print 

These small lino prints are made using acrylic ink on hand made cotton rag paper. The printed area is about 9 x 9 cm, on A5 paper

Soft Imaging Ware series 

These mono prints are made using acrylic ink on Canson paper. The printed area is approximately 45 x 50 cm. Each print in this series is different, so I will endeavour to distribute these on a first come first serve basis.  

Clandestine Game Filter series 

These lino prints are made using acrylic ink and paint pen on Canson paper. The printed area is 44 x 44cm. Each print in this series is different so I will endeavour to distribute these on a first come first serve basis.  Each lino block used in these prints is very small, meaning that each print is actually 64 small prints arranged to form an image. 

Show Me Those Pulsing Lights series 

This lino prints are made using acrylic ink on prepared 50 x 40cm boards. Each print in this series is different so I will endeavour to distribute these on a first come first serve basis.  Each lino block used in these prints is very small, meaning that each print is actually 80 small prints arranged to form an image. 

These prints are best when shown in sequence, so you probably want a few. 

here's my website: 

You're also very welcome to come and say Hello in the studio, it's near Bow Church, London

9 months, 2 weeks ago

Dear lovely backers, 

I hope you're all well! Last month I completed the Mlitt course at GSA, an achievement funded in part by all of you. Documentation of my degree show, Desert Island (Free Wifi), can be seen here:

As I said a while back, I will be staying permanently in Glasgow. This is a huge positive change in my life, that was only possible through your generosity. But if anyone from London wants to meet for a drink between 15th Oct and 2nd Nov, I will be in town for a couple of weeks work, and would love to catch up. 

Those of you who are still expecting prints, I will be contacting you each to confirm delivery addresses and getting those sent out this week.

Thank you all so much!


1 year, 2 months ago

Sorry about that bad link, it's here:

that should take you through, otherwise it's a copy and paste job, I'm afraid 

1 year, 2 months ago

Dear backers,

I hope you're all well, enjoying the Spring snow.

Don't think I'd forgotten about you all, because I haven't! The intensity of the course is even more than I had expected, and being able to stay in the studio late into the evening rather than leave to work a bar job, is something I'm grateful for every day. 

I have just updated my website to include projects and editions completed so far this year - so you can see your generous donations being put to work. The editions section will soon be equipped with Paypal buttons (once I work out how) for ease of purchase. In the meantime, if anything takes your fancy, drop me a line to discuss your heavily discounted early bird special. 

Those of you who are still waiting on the second part of your two-part reward, know that I'm still thinking about what to include for this. I want it to be representative of as much of the education that you've paid for as possible, so will be producing and sending these during the Summer.

I've decided that I'll stay permanently in Glasgow once the course is over, I'm very happy here. I can't express enough the extent of the impact your donations have made to my life 

1 year, 10 months ago

Greetings from North of the wall, 

My fine contributors, please see a photo below of your generosity officially being used for what I promised to use it for. 

Thank you again to all of you for your generosity and encouragement. I'm really excited for the coming year, and cannot tell you how much it means to have the backing of such lovely people as yourselves. 

For any of you who want to follow my progress, my website is

And my instagram (which is significantly more casual) is alex.willi 

2 years, 1 month ago

Dearest donators and followers, 

Next weekend it's the Bow open studios, where all the prints available for this campaign will be on display, as well as various other larger pieces. If you've donated already, this would be a great time to come down and pick out the print you want and take it away with you. 

Bring your friends!

Snoop through 150 artist's studios.

2 years, 1 month ago

ArtsThread have very generously written a little feature on this Hubbub page, you can see it at the link below!

2 years, 1 month ago

Hey followers (who I assume will get some kind of notification about this update), and non-followers who are just curious about updates. 

I have been selected for Ex-Ca-Vate-Site-Two, a group show at Schwarz Gallery in Hackney Wick. 

The opening is 6-8.30pm 3rd June, come down for a few beers!

Show runs until 4th July. 


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