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Help me fund my one-year masters at King's College London

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Completion Date: Sun 24 Sep 2017

Hello, I'm Seréna - a film enthusiast, festival volunteer and serious knitter from Ireland. Earlier this year I was successful with my application to King's College, London for an MA in Intelligence and International Security . It's a focused course on the most interesting and dynamic security issues of today an area I began to explore during my BA in Politics and International Relations at University College Dublin. During which I recieved one of the highest grades for my thesis, 2017: A Space Oddity - In what ways have emerging space nations created a new space dynamic that has influenced international security?

Here's the thing, I have been unable to cover all of my expenses. I have been lucky enough to have most of my fees covered through the UK Gov Masters Loans (before the bite of Brexit!). However nowadays, graduate studentships and grants are few and far between. Also, due to changing financial circumstances I don't qualify for private student loans, in Ireland nor UK.

So here I am!

Here's the break down of the funding:

  • Living Expenses - £ 10,330 (Lower end of estimated living)
  • Remaining Tuition Fees - £670 (£10,950-£10,280 = £670)
  • PayPal Fees (3.5%, applied to all successful projects) - £385

My course begins on the 2nd October, but welcoming evening is the 26th September.

Ultimately, I hope to join an intelligence firm that helps companies and governments alike to interact with both national and international counterparts in the most volatile regions. Its this goal that makes the "Intelligence" part of the masters is so unique. With the everyday flow of overt and covert information, intelligence in particular can often completely change the series of events.

If you are following the "Trump Era" in anyway, you can see the importance and global influence that informed intelligence has...!

ABout me

SO a little about me...

Film and the Arts

I am a huge film buff and art lover, so this is how I spend my spare time. I try to keep up with the latest films and tv shows, even forming a film club. I also have written some pieces for the university newspaper, see my review of Hunt for the Wilderpeople here . I am lucky to live somewhere where the arts are held to such high regard. There are loads of projects and festivals in my local town from Film Festivals to Art and Vintage Festivals. When I can I volunteer and take part. In the below photos you can see a really fun bus project I volunteered on that toured the town with a soundscape along with my dressing up in a homemade vintage costume during the same Vintage Festival. Individually, I love to knit and have challenged myself by picking tougher and tougher patterns. I am most proud of my Aran jumper (see below) that I completed after 9 months of (grueling) work!

Whether helping others succeed in their projects or handcrafting my own, I love being involved in the arts.

International Relations Revelation

I've always been one of those people who have been addicted to keeping up with the news, from small scale events or largest scale relations home and abroad. This is why I chose to study politics and international relations. I have also done some writing for both student run and my personal blog, examples such as this and this . However, over summer and the following year, I hope to be more active.

I'm excited to study international security because today, security comes in so many forms from traditional military to modern environmental issues to techonological that combines eveything. With this everyday inspiration, my desire to restart my analytical writing won't be hard!

Why i need help

I need your help because as I'm from a small town literally in the centre of the Ireland, jobs have been few and far between. With only the odd babysitting job throughout summer, I was unable to save much for the upcoming year. Unfortunately, with my not meeting the criteria for Irish banks and not yet in the UK, loans are no longer an option. With it being just me and my mum, funding a year in London is just an impossible task right now.

SO, I really need your help in anyway you can, to reach my goal of taking this unbelievable opportunity at King's College London. I believe that this course will change my life and intelligence analysts will only continue to play an important role in the future.

Find ME here

If you want to learn more about me follw me on twitter or feel free to send an email to .


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