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Completion Date: Fri 25 Sep 2015

The Show Me Wot You Got Project 

Show Me Wot You Got is a grand organisation that aims to unite the colleges & sixth forms within London and aims to promote the prodigious talents of the youths within our very own capital city. This project takes a dedicated team of students working in partnership over a space of 10 months. The Show Me Wot You Got project has an aim of £5000, to help fund our 2015/16 show. 

Who are you?

My name is Anita and I am the Head Of Finance on the Show Me Wot You Got project. I am 17 years old and currently enrolled in Cardinal Pole RC School, where my interest in mathematics and business has made a great leader for this roll. It is my responsibility to create ways of making this project a reality and all together acts as one of the most important rolls. In my future I hope to study further in mathematics, going through college and onto university also with it. I currently live in London and have my whole life and also will be where the Show Me Wot You Got project will be held. I really hope to reach the goal amount so this event will be unforgettable 

The Show Me Wot You Got Story

Show Me Wot You Got is a unique organisation that helps to promote the talent within the youth's of London. We go around to Sixth Forms & Colleges where the stages leading to the main show begin. Auditions are held in each Sixth Form/College with an aim of 24 colleges all together in London and an aim of 50 contestants. The auditions take place within the school where the contestants are chosen by their classmates and peers, already promoting a way of the youths to come together. The next stage begins with all the contestants coming together from different colleges & sixth forms and interacting, this also promotes a source of unity between students from all over, who may not have even known or met each other before.  

I am the Head Of Finance in the Show Me Wot you Got project. With my interest in Mathematics and Business this roll was perfect for me, as well as my recent achievements in my public examinations. I would love to go into a career Finance based in the future so planning this show is the most amazing opportunity to give me an insight into that. And that is exactly what Show Me Wot You Got aims to do, promote opportunities to our very own youths  

This organisation is important to me because it aims to unite the youths of London. With the rise in gang crime and youth murders I believe Show Me Wot You Got is a way to almost minimise that. It helps the youths see how important it is to come together and show that London youths can produce the most amazing upbeat show every single year  

If you help donate I promise you could be helping to change the youth relationships within London. Teenagers will be more confident to showcase their talents and with stages like this it could give them a confidence boost to go on and do great things in their life. I believe there are some hidden talents, in some previous shows we've seen singing prodigies go on to be featured on music tracks, dancing acts appearing in music videos and comedy acts winning external awards. That is what your donation could do. So please help fund the Show Me Wot You Got 2015 project 

Where will the money go?

If we reach our minimum of £3500, this grateful amount will be used to firstly put a deposit on our venue, which will be in The Camden Centre. Secondly an amount will be taken out to buy the leaflets, the flyers and of course the tickets. Amazing artists will be hired to perform on the night of the show to provide an amazing buzz and upbeat show. Our communications and marketing team will take an amount to promote our show and get the best UK artists out there 

If we reach our incredible target amount of £5000, this stupendous amount will be used to do all of the above and much more, invest in stage production equipment, i.e, lights, curtains, sound system etc. And of course provide an incredible night for the youths of London to ensure they come back next year 

If the Show Me Wot You Got donation fund exceeds it target, we will gratefully try and provide our youths with a VIP night, guaranteed. With refreshments and possible a DJ for a little fun between the interval breaks, this will help Show Me Wot You Got blow up and be the talk on everybody's mouth, ensuring that it grows in the long-term  

Progress will be given every single week regarding the activities of Show Me Wot You Got 2015

- Venue Deposit: £5000

- Artists: £1500

- Production costs: £2500

- Printing costs, i.e, flyers, leaflets, tickets (600 copies): £250

- Souvenirs: £300

- Refreshments: £200 


Hey we have some fabulous rewards to anyone who donates our generous pledge donation. Your very own Show Me Wot You Got Souvenir Bag. A free ticket to this years show with VIP access & treatment 

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Help us succeed With the show me wot you got project 

Please help our 2015 project by donating to our fund goal. But that is not the only way you can help us succeed. Please share this project in anyway you can whether through social media pages such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Snapchat, Email etc. Or just spreading the word in general conversation

We will very much appreciate your contribution to helping this project succeed and in return helping the youths of London. Donate away :)