An encounter between two lonely outsiders that leads to a dark, yet healing experience.

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The film:

Iris, a glamorous elderly woman finds Darryl, a young down-and-out junkie in a local park. Iris lures Darryl back to her house with the promise of pills and drink. Iris' house is a wonderland of kitsch filled with souvenir spoons. Inside this wonderland Darryl and Iris share an evening together indulging in fractured memories and fantasies, the repercussions of which change their lives forever. 

Spoons is a mysterious story about surviving in our world, in which two lonely people living on the edge of precariousness find each other. 

Written by the talented playwright Sarah Beck, whose writing credits include Sudbury Town, a radio play for the Theatre503/TheatreVoice collaboration Urban Scrawl, The Kratos Effect, performed as a part of the New Blood Festival for the Bike Shed Theatre and This Much is True co-written with Paul Unwin for Theatre 503 in London. 

"Beck and Unwin's thought-provoking script and a memorable final scene make this one of the most potent and insightul explorations of the subject to date." Review of This Much Is True, Karla Williams.

Who are we:

Pangaea Films is a London based production company made up of talented student filmmakers from across five continents.

Director - Olivia Watson

Producer - Dan Svec

Editor - Christoph Steinmetz 

Cinematographer Camera - Felicity Hsu

Cinematographer Lighting - Simona Brambilla

Sound Designer - Amayo Duke

Production Associate - Christopher Kanal

Why this is important to us:

This is our graduation film for our MA in Filmmaking at Goldsmiths University. It will be screened at BAFTA in front of members of the film and TV industry. So far we have successfully made two short films called Morning Walk and Faceless. With all of our films we plan to potentially market them in film festivals around the world. 

This film is also important as it appeals to a universal audience. It tackles themes that people of all ages can relate too. It is about life and death, being young and being old. It is about loneliness and survival. We want everyone to experience and enjoy what Spoons has to offer, which is a chance to feel again. To immerse yourself in your memories and understand who you are.

Why we need your help:

Spoons is about the memories that help us survive. For this reason, we want to shoot it on 16mm film. Shooting on film will give Spoons the genuine feel and texture of real human memories. It has a rich and nostalgic look that will create the magical atmosphere we want the audience to feel. It will provide us with depth and the quality of a memory that no digital camera can replicate. 

By helping us out, you will not only be supporting the careers of young filmmakers, but you will also be helping to put an extraordinary story out there for the rest of the world to see.


How we will spend the funds:

* Film Costs - We will need to pay for enough film stock, the hire of the film camera, and the biggest cost of all the development of the film by means of digitization.

* Production Design - As a collector of memories in the form of spoons, we want to turn Iris’ house into a magical place with wonderful ornaments and of course thousands of spoons!

* Costume Design - We want to design and create a beautiful sparkling red dress for Iris that symbolises her youth.

* Locations - We want ample time to film in locations such as a house and a London park. This will also cover the cost of transportation throughout the entire shoot.

*Crew - Let’s be honest here, the crew needs to eat. Not to mention those last minute costs that are always unexpected. 

Money is not everything:

This is true to us. If you are unable to donate, but still want to be a part of helping us make Spoons, please press the “I want to help” button above to help spread the word about our film. Also, if there’s a way you think you can help us please don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know!

Thank you:

We cannot thank you enough for taking the time to see what we are up too. We promise that anything raised will be put to good use.