The Power of Virtual Reality...

We are Digital Leaders who would like to enhance our learning experiences with our friends using VR.

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This project received pledges on Mon 02 Apr 2018


Number of students that will benefit: 357 children (whole school)

Age of students: 3 - 11

Percentage eligible for free school meals: 16.5%*

*over the past six years


Our school is a one and a half form primary school in Cheshire.

As a school we like to learn in lots of different ways and we are encouraged to get ‘hands on’ with our learning wherever possible. We enjoy taking part in Learning Outside the Classroom through a Forest School and trips. We are a creative school and enjoy participating in a range of art events within our classrooms and in our community.

We are encouraged to be children as leaders within our school and have an active voice though School Council, Eco Warriors, Junior Librarians, Road Safety Officers. As Digital Leaders and E-Safety Officers we have been working hard leading our Rocket Fund bid.

We work hard to to be active members of our community both as part of our town and members of our parish. We are hoping to be successful in our bid so that we can take some of our grandparents and parishioners on an amazing journey to share what we have learned through our topic work. We think they will be amazed!

What do you want?

We would really appreciate sets of VR Goggles and iPods to use in our lessons to help us have new experiences and see new places.

Who is this for?

We would like to be able to use the technology with all of the children within the school as part of whole class learning and exploring of individual interests. We would also like to use them with after school club and visitors.

Why do you want it?

The use of virtual reality in our lessons would be amazing. In our classes we learn lots of amazing things but sometimes we are not able to experience our topics directly. Last term KS1 children learned about Castles. We were lucky because we were able to visit Beeston Castle which is nearby. However, children in KS2 learned The Maya. We really enjoyed this topic but we couldn’t go on a school trip to South America! We saw that on Google Expeditions we could visit the Inca temples and explore the surrounding area. Actually being able to virtually walk through the avenues would be amazing.

When we had our visit from Google Expedition some of us explored the human body. We saw things we had never seen before and even though it was over a year ago we can still clearly remember fascinating information about our skeletons and the way our blood travels around our bodies. Seeing these things and being actively involved was brilliant  because it made what we were reading about and being told about real.

We can use our VR Goggles to explore museums and art galleries around the world which some of will never get to see in real life. Exploring where we could visit virtually has already inspired some of us to think about the jobs we would like to do and the places we would like to visit as we get older.

Some of us find unfamiliar situations and new experiences in our real life very difficult. Using VR might help us overcome our worries about new places and experiences especially where we may have lots of sensory input through sights and sounds.


6 x iPod touch 32GB Space Grey @ £194.40 each = £1,172.40 (inc £6.00 delivery)

6 x Lightweight VR goggles @ £6.99 each = £41.94

1x USB Charging Station @ £25.99

Subtotal: £1,240.33

Credit card fees (2%) : £24.81

Grand total: £1,265.14


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