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COVID-19 Student Fund
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Thank you for all the support you gave to our COVID-19 Student Fund. 

In March our students had to adapt quickly to learning remotely and our Health Sciences students mobilised to be on the NHS frontline. The COVID-19 Student Fund was set up to respond to their growing needs during lockdown.

Thanks to the donations made here, the support of Santander Universities, and donors to our Alumni & Friends Fund, we were able to make grants totalling £72,334 to 434 students. 

The grants provided funding for practical solutions to help students continue their learning at home and to support students entering key worker roles and the NHS frontline. The Fund provided small grants of up to £200 and was open to all students.

Of those who applied 18% needed support to fund internet connectivity, 49% need laptops and essential equipment, and 11% were NHS key workers. 

Professor Debra Humphris, Vice-Chancellor of the university said: “Thank you everyone who donated. I have never been more proud to be the Vice-Chancellor of our university. I am in awe of all of our students who stepped up to work on the front line, those students who completed their degrees from home and all of our alumni and friends who supported our students through this fund. You are all incredible.”

Marnie Middlemiss, Director of Philanthropy & Alumni Engagement said: “Thank you to all our donors. The COVID-19 Student Fund has made a real impact on the lives of our students at this critical time. A quarter of those who received funding are students who are from the lowest socio-economic groups in the UK. Along with funding IT equipment and data, we were able to help our amazing Health Sciences students, including social workers, midwives, paramedics and nurses. They needed simple things like PPE, wipeable shoes and extra scrubs, so they could wash them every day. As the new term approaches, the need hasn't gone away, but the area of focus is shifting. The university is prioritising digital access for students. If you'd like to help, visit the DIGITAL ACCESS FUND in the Projects section." 

Thank YOU - messages from recipients

"Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity! Thanks to you, I now have the funds I need to complete my final year on my child nursing course and buy the supplies I need to support the NHS in the fight against Covid-19." 

"Thank you for your support - the funding will make a tangible difference in allowing me to continue with my studies, but most of all, it serves as a reminder and an inspiration to connect with my community and always strive to pay it forward."

"Thank you very much for the support of this fund. It is genuinely making a positive impact on those who need it. I will be using the funding to start working in the NHS, especially during this pandemic, alongside my studies. Money can be tight and this will definitely help with the expenses required, such as purchasing the uniform. Thank you for supporting students, and once I graduate, I hope to do the same."

"With this award given to me I can now go ahead with buying my final project materials and not only doing that, buying higher quality materials in which the outcome of my project will be more effective and successful. I would like to say a great big THANK YOU to the supporters of this fund."

"Thank you so much for your support and generosity. During this difficult time globally, having the opportunity to access funds to help me complete my studies to the best of my abilities is absolutely amazing. My learning difficulty has meant that learning the skills that have got me to this point in my degree has been extra challenging for me, but this funding enables me to continue with my practice using facilities that usually would only be available on site at university."

"Thank you so much! I am so grateful, without this fund I wouldn’t be able to revise and do my exams properly at home. My job has been put on pause with no Furlough pay, so I was really struggling to find a way of getting any money to put towards fixing my broken computer that I use for university. You have helped an unbelievable amount and I am so relieved, thank you again!"

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