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If you could prevent a Jackrabbit from leaving school, would you?

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The South Dakota State University Foundation is continuing our partnership with the Division of Student Affairs to help offset the difficulties students face while attending South Dakota State University. The Student Impact Fund was created to support Jackrabbits who have experienced unexpected or emergency expenses. These types of circumstances range from situations involving medical bills, food insecurity, the cost of a sudden car repair, and unanticipated travel costs. The onset and fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic also introduced a host of unprecedented challenges for our students, including decreases in income, loss of employment, and health crises.

While the Jackrabbit family showed up in a big way during the uncertainty of 2020 to support our students when it was needed most, the yellow and blue community’s response also brought to light a key idea: an emergency fund is needed in perpetuity. Our students battle unforeseen obstacles every day, which might not be covered by financial aid; this fund prioritizes their wellbeing, both personally and professionally.

In the face of life’s roadblocks when money runs short, students often are forced to consider dropping out or taking time away from school. The Student Impact Fund aims to ease the financial burden for Jackrabbits and empower them to focus on school, remain enrolled, and continue on their path to a bold future. Together, our generosity can transform student lives for the better.