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Completion Date: Thu 01 Oct 2015
Why I am Here

I want to set up a student magazine, that will have all the essential information that students need to know and it will have articles and information that affects students. This will have essential information like university info, finance, banking, law, politics, etc. I want to make this special.

What I Want to Achieve

I want to help as many students as possible so that they are prepared and ready for university and adult life. ecause college does not teach us how to get a mortgague, how to pay tax, etc. That is why I am here. I also want to get a team of students who are like-minded and want to make positive change.

Please Help

I ask that you help fund, donate, support and share this project so that I am able to make this b igger and so that I can get it promoted and a proper website can be built. Imagine what this could achieve!

What the Money Will go Towards
The money will go towards, promoting/marketing, website costs, recording equipment, etc. This will help promote the magazine and YouTube channel, all of this will help StudentReal become the MUST HAVE student magazine.

Thank You!