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Continuing at Edinburgh…. 

Hello, my name is Shihui - I am currently a first year PhD student in Political Science at the University of Edinburgh. A few months ago, I was thrilled to be offered a place on the Doctor of Philosophy at the University of Edinburgh.

The PhD research programme in Politics and International Relations at Edinburgh enjoys a reputation for excellence and innovation in the world and it would greatly strengthen my determination to pursue an academic career. However, as one of the world’s leading research universities, the doctorate studies come with a high price-tag which I am not able to afford in full. I have not received any of the limited scholarships from the university, so I have to find an alternative funding source – crowdfunding. I was encouraged by some people who had successfully raised funding for their PhD studies in this way. I have worked very hard to be offered a place to do my PhD at Edinburgh and I would not want to reject it only because of the cost.

How Much Money Do I Need and for What?

As an international student, my tuition fee is around £19,000 each academic year. I have paid half of my tuition fee this year; I am crowdfunding to cover the remaining tuition fees for the first year of study: £9,500.

Securing this initial amount will allow me to continue my study at Edinburgh. Through my personal savings and part time job I intended to find, I will be able to cover the other (including living) costs of the course. Any money that might possibly be raised over the £9,500 will be used for second year fees.

Why Fund My Graduate Studies?

I am aware that funding someone's graduate studies might not be the first thing you think of spending your money on and there are lots of other deserving causes. However, there are four main reasons for why I am asking for your help.

1. My long-term plan is to become an academic in political science. My research project is an empirical study of examining the impact of China’s Belt and Road Initiative on the US-led liberal international order in Asia. Especially when the current US-China relations are very dynamic, my empirical findings will be very interesting because they break new ground and I believe this research will have more profound contributions regarding theoretical implications. Your contributions will help me to fulfil this.

2. The Belt and Road Initiative is an open and cooperative platform for global development, I really hope that my research can provide useful information for corporate groups and international businessmen who aim to invest and trade along the routes. If you are one of them, then your investment in me will help you to make an impact to achieve your business goals.

3. I am keen to share my passion for this subject with a wider audience. The question I am seeking to answer is a very often debated questions among international media and political scientists and pundits. Is China a rising global hegemon? I’m hoping to take part in public engagement: presenting my findings in academic conferences, public and academic events, and even cooperating with media to share my original research outcome and my enthusiasm for this subject with wider groups of people. Your support will allow me to do this.

4. Philosophy as a whole is still very much male dominated and it remains challenging for women and underprivileged people to pursue careers in philosophy. Securing the funds needed through your donations will help me to defy the odds.


  • Any and all donations will be extremely appreciated, and I will never be able to thank anyone enough. To go partway towards thanking everyone, there are some "rewards" or thank you gestures - these are specified in the rewards section.

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