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What is TESSA?

Africa urgently needs two million teachers by 2020. Teachers across sub-Saharan Africa are poorly paid and often cannot afford training and qualifications. This means that over 30 million children have little chance of receiving an education, and of those who do attend school, less than half will finish their primary education.

Teacher Education in sub-Saharan Africa (TESSA) is an award winning initiative designed to help solve this crisis by providing free training materials to primary school teachers across ten countries in some of the remotest and poorest regions of the developing world. TESSA is designed to be used by teachers at home or at school which means they can access the training they need, while still being able to stay in school and teach.

From lesson plans to role-play exercises, TESSA resources help teachers to develop their own skills so that they can give their pupils the best possible education.

It only costs £9 to provide essential training resources for 5 teachers.

Since 2006 TESSA has revolutionised teacher training across Africa by providing hundreds of thousands of teachers and pupils with the resources and knowledge to change their lives.

Now your help is needed to reach even more teachers.

Will you help to provide teachers in sub-Saharan Africa with the teaching resources they so desperately need?

TESSA has proved to be an effective and efficient way of transforming, at scale, education for teachers by providing them with the tools they need to create memorable and stimulating lessons for their pupils. But there are still so many more regions, communities, teachers and children that haven't been reached yet.

One solution is to provide small grants between £500 to £1,500 to help deliver training to groups of teachers and teacher educators in their communities.

These small grants will harness the skills and professional experience of TESSA partners, allowing them to deliver training on a much wider scale in the effective use of TESSA resources.

A small grant will allow partners to support teachers by organising workshops in order to adapt the resources, distribute materials across rural areas, and organise locally-based study groups to allow teachers to plan interactive lessons together.

The end result will be that TESSA will be more accessible, meaning more teachers will be given the training they urgently need to be effective and confident educators, without taking them away from their classrooms.

How your gift will make a difference

We have the materials and we know that TESSA works. A number of small grants have been issued so far, to partners who have designed their own project; and with your support even more grants can be issued. Your gift will not only allow TESSA partners to access desperately needed funds and use them to support local needs and priorities, but the process of budgeting, bidding for support, organising an event or activity, and reporting back, is helping partners to learn new skills, build capacity within their organization and ensure the programme remains sustainable. This this is an effective way to build local networks. It is brilliantly simple, cost effective and a sustainable way to help transform the African education system.

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