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- We're raising £260 for TeaRev, an Independent Electronic Entertainment studio within the UK, the money goes towards funding our various projects in development. 

-‘Games are Made to be Played’ – What this means is that games have a reason and purpose for existing, and we’re thrilled to be making those games, the reason games exist is to be played by people and enjoyed, not just as entertainment but as heart warming and enriching experiences. The word play holds many meanings and we hope what you consider to be “play” will co’inside with the products we create.

-We're a very community driven company, anything that we don't wish to profit out of will be placed on our GitHub account so that fellow programmers can play with ideas. 


- TeaRev an independent electronic entertainment developer, focusing largely on video game development. We've been developing games for the past 3 years on mobile and are now pushing for release of our first desktop game, Unread, for Windows PC, Mac and Linux.

Our Games

Dragon Swipe 2 is the Third game in the series, play again and save the Dragons by Swiping Left to Right (You can also enable buttons in the menu), play freely, or play in the missions or leader board challenges! But watch out for those ghosts!! The game is a fun and simplistic mobile game that will eat up hours of your time by saving cute little Dragons.

Unread is a concept we have for a game in which people interact primarily through mobile phones. The idea is simply a concept right now but bellow you can click the link to play through the idea to get a feel for what we're designing. 

Where will the money go?

- We need at least £260 to cover the cost of some assets for Dragon Swipe 2, this will allow us to improve on the game and make more products to help with the development of Unread.  

Any extra money will go into more art and sound to add into games in other places, to pack more content in! 

But why is this important and why do we need the funding? Most of our team is built up of programmers and idea contributors, however we don't have many artists or audio engineers, so we have to out source a lot of our design and team. 

Images and video

Below you will find trailer for our Mobile game Dragon Swipe 2

Dragon Swipe 2 is also available to Download from the Google Play Store in its development form! Find its download link in the helpful link section.

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Dragon Swipe 2

Unread Concept Demo


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