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Team Gulu 2017

An international student-led project assisting local staff to deliver free healthcare in Uganda

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This project received pledges on Wed 26 Apr 2017

We are Team Gulu 2017 - a group of 11 medical students and 1 geography student from The University of Manchester.


This summer our team of Manchester students (Team Gulu) are travelling to Gulu, Northern Uganda to take part in the Northern Uganda Village Health Outreach Project (NUV-HOP). This is the second time our group have travelled to Gulu; a trip which we want to make a regular opportunity for students to volunteer and make an impact in Uganda. NUV-HOP is a project organised and funded by students from Uganda , Manchester and Belgium .

The aim of the project is to improve the living conditions in underprivileged communities by establishing an affordable healthcare provision and empowering individuals through health education.

The project is also a valuable educational opportunity for all students involved as we get first-hand experience in implementing public health and an insight into how Uganda's health system works on the ground.

NUV-HOP also promotes international cooperation and teamwork as we help support vulnerable people through locally based health interventions.


Last summer we travelled to health clinics based around Gulu to observe and assist local doctors and nurses. It was an incredible opportunity for us to contribute to Ugandan staff and students' efforts to help their communities. We want to return in 2017 to help provide these much-needed free healthcare services.

We will also work with local community leaders to deliver health education talks to the local communities and schools. We do this to empower individuals with knowledge about how to improve their health and to help dispel misconceptions held about health and disease.

We will also be shadowing staff in the local hospital to learn about how the staff deal with the health issues faced there, and gain an understanding of what it is like to work in more challenging clinical environments.

During our time in Uganda we will be hosted by local families which will allow us to develop relationships with the local people and a more intimate understanding of their culture and lives.

Your donation to the project will help to run our outreach clinics


The communities of Northern Uganda have been severely affected by civil war that lasted over 20 years until the expulsion of Joseph Kony his army in 2008.

During this time, children were kidnapped and forced to become child soldiers or endured horrific sexual abuse. Generations of families were murdered and over 1 million people were displaced and forced to move into Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps. People languished in these camps as they lived in cramped, inhumane conditions that bred disease and poverty.

Structured communities fell apart and people became de-skilled and disempowered as they sat in a limbo of poverty and fear for decades whilst ignored by most of South Uganda.

The last IDP camp closed in 2012 and Northern Ugandans have returned home and slowly been trying to rebuild their lives and communities. They struggle against high levels of poverty, inadequate water sanitation and significant burden from diseases such as Malaria, HIV/AIDs and disability from war.

This is combined with an overstretched and under resourced healthcare system which people struggle to access. The most destitute must walk many miles to reach their nearest health clinic. Despite the efforts of committed healthcare professionals in Northern Uganda, many people are still unable to access adequate health care due to lack of money, living in hard to reach areas and the lack of resources in the health centres. The healthcare system is also straining under the influx of refugees fleeing conflict from South Sudan.


We are incredibly passionate about this project and are determined we can meet our fundraising goal but we need your help! Please share and spread the word about our project!


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Find out more about NUV-HOP and our Ugandan and Belgian teams on our NUV-HOP website!

Learn more about Team Gulu on our website here!

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