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Team Gulu 2017

An international student-led project assisting local staff to deliver free healthcare in Uganda

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This project received pledges on Wed 26 Apr 2017
4 years, 1 month ago

We are now nearing the end of our trip and our participation in Northern Uganda village Health Outreach Project (NUV-HOP). Together with our Ugandan and Belgian student colleagues we have now helped run 7 of the 8 outreaches we fundraised for - we have one left to go before we fly home! We would like to thank all our supporters for donating to the project and helping us fund these outreach clinics. Your money has contributed to delivering a wide range of healthcare services to the rural poor in the areas around Gulu, Northern Uganda.

Over these outreaches thousands of patients have attended, with some outreaches seeing over 700 people! They have been seen and clerked, given the relevant medications, vaccinated for hepatitis B and HPV, screened for cervical cancer, offered family planning methods, tested and counselled for HIV and educated about various health topics..

Here are some of the patients queuing to see the local doctors, and Becca , one of our team members, taking their temperatures before they are seen.

Here are Matthew, Kristin, Alan and some our Ugandan colleagues testing patients for malaria. This an important part of our clinics to make sure that patients can get the medications they need from our pharmacy.

Whilst most of the NUV-HOP team help in testing patients, dispensing drugs and registering patients at the health clinics, some students travel with community health workers to nearby schools.

They then help give HPV & Hepatitis B vaccinations and health education to the school children.

During each outreach a team of students undertake home visits, where they travel with community health workers to homes and nearby villages. They talk with the local community about their health concerns and deliver health education in an intimate conversational setting.

Here is one of Team Gulu's Co-Leads Ellen going on home visits with some of our Ugandan colleagues and community health workers.

Registering patients and dispensing their medication is a key part of our outreach clinics.

Here you can see Northern Uganda Village Health Outreach Project (NUV-HOP) 's students registering patients at different stages of the outreach clinic, such as when they have seen the doctor, been tested at the lab or having received vaccinations.

Our team also organise and package the medication that is prescribed by the doctors - here is our team working hard in dispensing!

In order to be able to deliver services to so many people we have to work as one, cohesive team.

Here are medical students, healthcare staff, community health workers and partner charities from three different countries all working together to unload the bus and pass along tent poles to be set up for the outreach.

We are stronger when we work together - thank you to everyone to works so hard to make our project work!

Your generous donations have made all these things possible and we would like to thank you on behalf of our team, the Ugandan team and the Belgian team that make up Northern Uganda Village Health Outreach Project.

We hope you will continue to support our project as the student leadership of the 3 teams is handed over to new students for 2018. We are excited to see how this project will grow and develop with fresh faces and new ideas! Thank you,Team Gulu 2017

4 years, 4 months ago

We are delighted to announce that we have now raised our full amount of £17000!

Thank you to everyone has donated so far - we really appreciate your support!

Thank you for helping give us the opportunity to travel to Gulu and take part in Northern Ugandan Village Health Outreach Project - we look forward to working with our Ugandan and Belgian colleagues, helping run the outreaches, learning from the local healthcare staff, shadowing in the local hospital and meeting our host families!

We think this project is a great way to allow students to directly impact vulnerable communities whilst also learning valuable skills that will make us better doctors (and people) whilst we do it.

Even though we have reached our target please keep donating! Every extra pound goes towards buying more supplies for the outreach clinics: more medications, test kits, supplies for health education, medical equipment!

Please keep donating!